How to Download Instagram Videos to Android

Author:Jake | TIME:October 09,2017

Instagram has updated to a new version with a new feature that enables its users to share 15-second video clips. It is really awesome and of great fun. If you find some interesting video clips and want to play them offline on your Android phone, how can it be done? Currently, the platform itself doesn’t feature a download option. So how to download Instagram videos to Android device? This article offers 3 easy ways to help you make this come true.

Solution 1: Download Instagram Videos via IFTTT

Solution 2: Download Instagram Videos with InstaDown

Solution 3: Download Instagram Videos with Torch Browser

Solution 1: Download Instagram Videos via IFTTT

IFTTT is an automation service that enables you to download Instagram videos from IFTTT (If This Then That). It uses an IFTTT recipe to automatically download any video you like onto your cloud storage. This is useful when you need to collect video series or just want to save videos for future use. 

To beging, you will need to have an 
IFTTT account, an Instagram account and a Dropbox account. And you need to activate the Instagram channel and your Dropbox channel before you can use the recipe.

Please choose Instagram as the trigger and then select options such as "New video by specific user", "Videos by anyone tagged", "You like a video" or "Videos by you tagged". Once you do that, select "Upload File from URL" as the action and choose your Dropbox account as the destination to create recipe. 
how to download instagram videos with IFTTT

Once you do above right, IFTTT will automatically download and add any Instagram video you add or like to your chosen Dropbox folder.


Solution 2: Download Instagram Videos with Torch Browser

Torch browser allows you to download Instagram videos with ease. First you should install the Torch browser on your computer and then follow below steps:

1. Paste the URL of the Instagram video you want to keep and using the Torch Browser open the Instagram page of the video.

2. You can see a Video button on the top bar of the browser. And once the video is playing, the button becomes clickable.
how to download instagram videos with Torch browser
3. Click the Video button and the video will automatically download. While downloading, you can see the file appear on the bottom left side of the browser. And the downloaded Instagram video will be saved in .mp4 format.



Solution 3: Download Instagram Videos with InstaDown

InstaDown is another nice way to download Instagram videos. It’s easy to operate and can be done within a couple of clicks.

1. Go to the video you want to download, copy the link and paste the address into the InstaDown interface.

2. Click the InstaDown button and the it will automatically fetch the video and start to download it in .mp4 format.

how to download instagram videos with InstaDown

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