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I have searched on the Best seller of Amazon about the iPhone unlocked smart phone, a gray unlocked iPhone 6 with 64GB on the lists of the first page attracted my eyes. Despite of the good feedbacks as well as the reviews, you need to notice that how safe your privacy depends on how you encrypt iPhone. As a result, what I need to tell you is how to encrypt your new iPhone in this article.


Method1. How to encrypt gray iphone 6


1.Open the Settings menu on your iPhone.


2.Go to Touch ID & Passcode (iTouch & Passcode in older versions of iOS)


3.Select "Turn Passcode On" option.


4.Create a strong alphanumeric password which are at least six characters long. If the passcode is too weak, your new gray iPhone 6 from Amazon best seller will reject it. Alternatively,you can also use the websites to generate a strong password.


5.Back to Touch ID & Passcode screen and wipe to the bottom.


7."Data protection is enabled "at the bottom will pops out, meaning you have successfully encrypted iPhone 6.



Method2.How to encrypt your iPhone 6 backups with iTunes


Encrypt your iPhone 6 with the strong passcode is helpful to prevent data from being accessed. However, if you need to make back up through iTunes,you are necessary to encrypt iPhone backups with iTunes.Here is an easy tutorials to for iTunes to encrypt all backup data stored on your PC.


1.With iTunes installed, plug your iPhone into your computer.


2.Tap iPhone`s name in the Devices section of iTunes.


3.Touch the "Summary" option.


4.Tap the option next to "Encrypt iPhone backups", then apply the changes.


Method3.How to enable iPhone 6 other settings to ecrypt iPhone


Enable the Erase Data feature to ecrypt iPhone


1.Open "Settings" in your iPhone 6.


2.Navigate to "Touch ID & Passcode".


3.Wipe down to "Erase Data" and check if it`s switched on.


Set the Passcode Delay to Immediate:


1.Open "Settings" in your iPhone 6.


2.Navigate to "Touch ID & Passcode".


3.Set "Require Passcode" to "Immediately"


Remotely Erase Data to ecrypt iPhone


First of all, turn on iPhone 6 location feature:


1.Open "Settings" in your iPhone 6.


2.Tap on "iCloud"


3.Wipe to "Find My iPhone" and enable it.


Secondly, GPS a lost phone online:




2.Input your Apple ID


3.Click "Find My iPhone"


Method4.How to encrypt/protect photos, files and other information on iPhone


In this situation, using a third party cFone iOS Data Eraser is recommended, because iPhone encryption doesn`t have to be an all or nothing affair.


1.Download, install and launch iOS Data Eraser on a computer, then connect your iDevice with it.

2.Touch "Erase Private Fragments"or "Erase private data" then click "Scan".


3.Choose the photos or files you neet to delete then click "Erase now".


4.Enter "delete" into the blank to confirm.



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