Tips to make new id on iPad

Author:Livia | TIME:October 11,2017

Setting a new ID for iDevice like iPad usually happens when you got a new second hand iPad but the information there still belonged to last owner. Or you just found your lost iPad, in order to give away the original privacy you need to make a new ID on iPad. Whatever the reasons maybe, here I am going to tell you 5 tips to make new id on iPad, and a video is recommended firstly.

Method1. Erase old Apple id with settings


Compared with the video that talks about jailbreak your iDevice after you find the lost iPad from others, iDevice setting is also easy as the iDevice jailbreak. Just 2 steps you can make a new id on iPad.

1.Run your iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings.

2. Back to Settings again, follow the router General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Then your iPad is empty without any ID information, so you can make a new one.


Method2. Erase old Apple id with iCloud


Remove iPad id away with iCloud you need to get know the password of the old Apple iPad id. If you have no idea or forget the password of the current iPad ID, you need to navigate to the last method. What`s more, if you got a second hand iPad, you need to contact to the old owner to log in his/her iCloud with the following steps to erase the current iPad id.

1.Go to and log in her/his iCloud.

2. Open the Find My iPhone option.

3.Click All Devices then select the device that needs to be erased.

4. Select Remove from Account.


Method3. Erase old Apple id with find my iPhone on Setting


Using find my iPhone to erase the iPad id also needs the password that is associated with the current Apple ID. It is unavailable for those have no idea about the old apple id password. Just scroll down to the method 5 if you don`t know the apple id password.

1.Open iPad Settings.Find and click the option of the name and picture associated with the account.

2.Scroll down and tap Sign Out. Click confirm if you are asked to deleted it.

3. Input the current old Apple id password. keeping certain data on the iPad or not is up to you.

4. Click Sign Out. Then back to Sign In and log in with a new ID of your own.


Method4. Erase old or wrong Apple id from App store


I tried this method to make a new iPad ID in App store after I found my iPad where contained a strange Apple ID last year.

1.Open the App Store on iPad, then click the Featured option.

2. Slide down and find the siged in Apple ID, click it then select Sign Out.

3. Then choose Sign In, then log in with your own iPad id and password. 


Method5. Erase old or wrong Apple id with iOS data eraser.


cFone iOS data eraser has no limitation of whether you know the id password or not. 3 ways can erase the apple id and create a new one.


1. Download, install and lauch cFone iOS eraser in a Windows or Mac, you can have a free trail.

2. Connect your iPad to the PC with a cable, then select iOS Private Data Eraser

3. Click "Start Scan" button

4. Choose the infomation you need to delete in the iPad, click "Erase from the Device"

5. Type "delete" in the blanket and choose erase now to confirm, several seconds later you will get a new empty iPad you can create a new iPad id.


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