Frost Cupcakes Guide: How to Do Cupcake Decorating Simply and Perfectly

Author:Jo | TIME:September 30,2018

cupcake decorating ideas

This is a complete cupcake decorating tutorial for beginners.

The fantastic part?

This is a 10-minute quick guide for you to learn how to decorate cupcakes with frosting tips at home. From supplies selection to popular cupcake ideas and relative techniques, you will learn basic and necessary knowledge about frosting cupcakes with pastry bags and tips.

So if you want to know how to start your cake decorating trip, check out this article. You will love today's post.

Here is a checklist for today's content.

Part 1. Introduction to Common Cupcake Decorating Supplies

Part 2. Basic Operation / Preparation

Part 3. How to Frost Cupcakes (4 Classical Cupcake Designs)

Part 1. Introduction to Common Cupcake Decorating Supplies

The first step of baking always goes to the supplies. Proper frosting tools are needed to make a beautiful swirl on a cupcake.

What're the essential tools for cupcake decorating?

Well, the most basic tools for cupcake decorating are pastry bags, frosting tips, and spatula.

Pastry bags and frosting tips are both involved when you want to pipe patterns on the surface of your cupcakes. A successful piping needs the right control over the pressure that you put on the bags. So you are supposed to keep practicing on how to squeeze a piping bag, how to swirl, and how to stop. (See Part 3)

A spatula is used to spread the icing like buttercream evenly over the surface of a cupcake. That's the simplest and traditional way to frost a cupcake. After spreading, you can add some sprinkles and the decoration job is done already.

Back to today's topic, I would like to explain more about the piping tools by taking a powerful and convenient toolset as an example. This set contains most tools that I need to use for today's decorating ideas.

cupcake decorating kit

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Let me illustrate this cake decorating set one by one.

1. Frosting Tips

Conical tools for styling cream's shapes, which is used with a piping bag. Different tips can be used to form different cupcake decorating pattern. So you should pick up the right tips to achieve the best decoration effect.

Round frosting tips: In different sizes, these tips can be used for writing or making puffs.

Star frosting tips: Star tips feature on the jagged edges, working great to create a rosette on a cupcake.

There are 2 main types - open star and closed star. You can see the difference from the pictures. The open star tips commonly have 6 or 8 straight teeth on the tip, while closed star tips have bent over teeth.

Petal frosting tips: These tips can be used to make a pattern of chrysanthemum or rose, or it can also create a 3D rose on a flower nail.

Special type: French tips, basketweave tips and other types for various cupcake decorating ideas.

2. Silicone Pastry Bag

This kind of pastry bag is reusable. It's flexible and durable for you to pipe thick frosting, which is better than a disposable piping bag.

After you install frosting tips to the bags and filled with cream or other icings, you can start to frost a cupcake immediately. PS: The installation steps are in Part 2.

3. Couplers

Here comes the perfect match for reusable piping tips. The coupler holds the tip in place. It allows you to switch between different frosting tips quickly and easily. You just need to remove the outer part, and replace the tip with another one, and then tighten it again.

Pretty easy.

4. Other Tools

Scraper and icing smooth - used in conjunction with a piping bag to hold icing into the piping bag, evenly apply icing to the cake surface and add some texture to a cake for decorating.

Silicone cupcake liner - offering stability and shape of a baked cupcake, easy to clean.

Flower nails - used as a platform for small decorative flowers.

Bottom Line

There are a wealth of cake decorating tips for you to make different patterns. However, it won't be a chore for you to learn how to frost an appealing cupcake with those tips.

In fact, decorating skills are similar. Once you learn the basic technique, you can handle the other icing tips well with some practices.

Part 2. Basic Operation / Preparation

After you get the desired frosting tools, you can start to do further preparation for cupcake decorating.

For preparing, you will need:

Icing / Frosting

Pastry bag and tip





The right size cup

Sealing clip

How to Install a Piping Bag and Fill with Icing Quickly?

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1.Take apart a coupler and put the base into a silicone pastry bag.

Step 2. Visually check the position that should be cut and then cut the bag with scissors according to the position just seen.

Step 3. Put the base into the bag, put the tip on the base from the outside, and tighten with the head of the coupler. You should make sure that the head of frosting tips is exposed.

install the piping tips and bags

Step 4. Put the bag into the cup, fold the extra part of the flower.

Step 5. Fill icing with a spatula or scraper. Note that the filler should be placed on the same side and the volume of the filler should not exceed 2/3 of the piping bag. Try not leaving space in the inside when you fill.

Step 6. Turn back the folded part of the piping bag, and then lift the bag on both sides.

Step 7. Place the bag on a table and release the twisted part at the tip

Step 8. Push out big bubbles in the bag and then push the filler to the front end with a scraper across the piping bag until the filler has a head from the piping bag.

how to fill icing bag perfectly

Step 9. Tighten the bag mouth so as to make it fully filled with icing, and then clamp the bag with a sealing clip to prevent the icing from running out of the frosting tip.

So far, the preparation is completed.

Part 3. How to Frost Cupcakes (4 Classical Cupcake Designs)

Now that I'm going to officially talk about some cupcake decorating ideas.

Here are 3 basic patterns for decorating cupcakes. Star tips are the most commonly used cake decorating tool. Lots of cupcake decorating ideas can be fulfilled with star frosting tips. Therefore, you can start with this tip at home.

Let's move on.

In order to let everyone know more about the use of various decorating tips, I also set up 4 specific usage scenarios for everyone:

How to Frost a Rose Pattern on A Cupcake with a Star Tip(Step-by-Step)

How to Frost a Rose Pattern with a Star Tip(Step-by-Step)

Step 1. Install a star tip on a piping bag just like Part 2.

Step 2. Make sure the surface of the cupcake and the tip are at right angles.

Step 3. Lightly press the flower bag and squeeze out the icing on the center of the cupcake.

Step 4. After extrusion, keep the uniform pressure and do not loosen it. Then go to the next step.

Step 5. The decorating tip is removed from the center of the cupcake and rotated around the dot which is made in Step 1.

Step 5. After fully turning a circle, release the pressure, and slowly lift the piping bag away from the surface of the cupcake.

Note: You should pay attention to keeping at a vertical angle and giving even pressure in the whole process of the swirl.

How to Frost Some Small Flower Cluster on A Cupcake

How to Make some small flower cluster on a cupcake

Step 1. Starting from the edge of a cupcake, and make sure the piping bag and the surface of the cake are at right angles.

Step 2. Squeeze gently, then quickly lift the tip up and release the strength of the hand.

Step 3. Repeat Step 2 until there is point a small circle of flowers on the edge of the cake, and then pipe the last one on the center to complete.

Note: If you want to make those small flowers look more active, you can swirl a little bit when squeezing the piping bag.

How to Frost an Ice-cream Pattern on A Cupcake

How to Do Ice-cream Cupcake Pattern

Step 1. Start from the middle of the cake, the piping tip is perpendicular to the surface of the cupcake

Step 2. Gently squeeze out a basic flower, and hole in the same strength of the hand.

Step 3. Slowly remove the tip from the center and circle along the base flower made in step 1.

Step 4. After turning to the starting point, continue to hover up with even intensity.

Step 5. Swirl the frosting tip, continue to circle around until the center position

Step 6. Lift up the decorating bag and release the strength of your hand.

Note: The purpose of hovering is to point from the surround to the center, so do not throw icing out.

Bonus Parts:

1.  When making different cupcake decoration, we usually have to comply with the following 4 rules:

#1. Uniform strength and speed.

#2. The piping tip is about 1cm away from the cupcake.

#3. Keep the tips perpendicular to the cupcake surface if you are piping a circle, a torch, a rose, a ring, a spiral, a cluster, a star, etc.

#4. When piping long strip, the bag is always inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees to the decorated place.

2. Different cupcake decorating tips can take out different patterns

Although there are many kinds of cupcake decorating ideas, they are not changed so much. Learn the tricks of small cupcakes, practice a lot, you will find the easiest and quickest way to make a beautiful cupcake at home!

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