How to Recover iCloud Password - with Effective Tricks

Author:Jake | TIME:September 18,2017

The iCloud password, which is also the password of your Apple ID, is very important. If you forget the iCloud password, you are not able to access the services offered by iCloud or purchase or download apps from the Apple store. Besides, without the iCloud password, you are not allowed to update your iPhone or Mac either.

Therefore, it is very necessary to recover your iCloud password if you lose it. But how to recover iCloud password? In this article, we list 4 effective ways that can solve your problem.


Solution 1: Reset Your Apple ID

Since the iCloud password is the same as your Apple ID, you can reset your Apple ID for a new iCloud password. Here is how:

1.Open this in your browser. Input your Apple ID and the code generated to show you’re not a bot, then click "Continue".


2. When you see the "Select What Information You Want to Reset" Option, select "I need to reset my password" and click "Continue".



3. In the next page, you will be given two options for iCloud password recovery: "Get an email" and "Answer security questions". 



·  Email verification: you will receive an email with information to help you reset your password.

·  Security questions: you will need to provide correct information such as your date of birth and answer two security questions you set before. This is to verify if you are the real owner of the account. If you put in the right answers, you will be taken to the reset page and prompted to input a new password.


Solution 2: Send a Password Reset Email

1. Navigate to and then click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password" tab.


2. Input your Apple account associated email address and the generated code to prove you are not a bot, then click "Continue".


You will be prompted with the two-step verification or two-factor verification authentication method according to the security type you chose for the Apple ID. Then you will get following-up guide for each verification step.

3. If you didn’t set up any extra security measure, you will be required to choose between email verification and answering security questions.


4. If you choose "Get an email", you will be asked to enter your email address. And you will soon receive an email with instructions on how to complete the reset.



Solution 3: Reset Your Password with Two-Factor Authentication

If you set up a two-step verification, you will need to input the code Apple send to your iPhone or Mac along with your password. Here is how to complete the iCloud password recovery:

1. Navigate to and click on Forgot Apple ID or password.


2. Enter your associated email address and the generated code to prove you are not a bot.



3. When you are directed to the next page, input the phone number that is associated with your Apple ID.


Then you will have to option to reset password using another device or your phone number. Usually using another device is suggested because using a phone number will involve Account Recovery and will take several days.



4. If you choose to reset using another device, you will receive an alert on the device along with a link that will take you to the Reset Password page.

Solution 4: Reset Your Password Using Two-Step Verification

If your device is running iOS lower than iOS 9, you will need to use the two-step verification method. All you need it the 14-character recovery key you received during the set-up process.
If you have this security measure on your account and you’ve lost the key, go to your Apple ID account, sign in with your password and email and select Replace Lost Key.


Above is all for how to recover iCloud password, hope it is helpful to you.

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