Reset iPad macbook pro to factory mode easily

Author:Livia | TIME:October 12,2017

One of the most excellent point of apple products is convenient for apple users to use as well as having the extreme protection by an advanced password protected system built-in themselves, such as iPad, iPhone and Mac pro. So apple users can set their iDevice with a required passcode to protect their privacy. However, it is unavoidable for some of them, for example the iPad and Macbook pro users to forget the passcode. Keeping entering the impressive unsure passcode to get into iPad is the choice among most of users. Before you do that, I have to remind you that your iPad will lock itself and require that it go through an unlocking process after you have entered an incorrect passcode for six time In this case, if you choose to restore it, the files you have stored on your iPad will be disappeared, even though you have a back up, it is better not to do that. Don`t worry, cFone will show you 5 ways to easily unlock your iPad and Macbook pro, factory settings is the main point, as well as an useful iOS data eraser.


Method1. How to reset iPad Macbook pro with iTunes

This is available for the iPad synced with iTunes as well as the Windows or Mac, just follow the steps below to reset your iPad.


1. Connect your iPad or Macbook pro with a cable to a iTunes-running Windows or Mac which has synced with iPad.

2. Right click your iPad or Macbook pro icon till you can see it in the iTunes

3. Click "Back Up". What if you can`t see the sidebar, just press "Control-S" to bring it up.

4. Choose "Back Up then choose "Restore". You need to know iTunes will require your iPad`s passcode at any step during the procedure. If you don`t remember your iPad passcode, please turn to the method2.


Method2. How to reset iPad Macbook pro without passcode/apple id


This is workable for the iPad never synced with iTunes or Windows/Mac, as well as bypass your iPad passcode.

1.Open iTunes on the Windows or Mac.

2. Connect iPad to the computer with a cable.

3. Select iPad when it shows up iTunes.

4. Press Sleep/Wake and the Home buttons till the Recovery screen pops up.

5. Tap on Restore and your iPad can be restored to factory settings that bypass the iPad passcode.


Method3. How to reset/unlock iPad Macbook pro without iTunes


If you tell me you don`t have iTunes or a handy computer device, it is able for you to unlock your iPad without iTunes and computer by using Find my apple, the point is to help you delete your ipad id. There is a function named Remove Wipe, choose it and you can erase your iPad. Moreover, using your iCloud account is helpful for you to delete iPad id. Just refer to How to delete apple account id to get more details.


Method4. How to reset/unlock iPad Macbook pro with iOS data eraser.


cFone iOS data eraser is borned to wipe out all data on your iDevices including iPad, iPhone, Macbook pro in a flash without any Apple sale service assistance.

1.Turn off "Find My iPhone", then connect your iPad or Macbook pro to computer which has cFone iOS data eraser installed and launched. BTW, you are welcomed to have cFone iOS data eraser for free.

2. Select "Erase All Data”mode then click "Erase Now”.

3. Get your iPad to factory settings in few minutes.


Thus, you can easily to reset iPad macbook pro to factory mode with these 4 methods.


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