Top 5 Reasons of A Failed Android Rooting

Author:Jake | TIME:September 29,2017

The new Android phone you get from the manufacturer is limited. You have to follow their rules, not able to install unapproved apps, not able to uninstall built-in apps. So you may want to root your Android phone for a better control. It is easy to root Android phone with the help of some professional apps like Kingroot. 

Tutorials: How to Root Android Phone and Tablet?


However, there are times when you fail to root an Android device. The reasons can be various. Below are 5 common reasons why you fail to root an Android phone.


Top 5 Reasons Why You Fail to Root Android

1. Rooting System Version Does Not Match Phone Model

There are different versions of rooting system which match different versions of the OS as well as phone models. If you use an incompatible version of root tool, you may fail to root your Android phone. 

2. The Root Package 

Most Android devices support OTA or ICS upgrade, you can copy OTA and ICS to the SD card and upgrade them. You can root your Android by means of flashing your phone. But if your Android device doesn’t support OTA or ICS upgrade, you will fail. 

3. The Recovery Mode

Some rooting tools require you to flash your phone under recovery mode, if you fail after trying for many times, you can enter the recovery mode before rooting. Press the "Volume -" and the "Power" button simultaneously for a while, you can enter the Recovery Mode.

4. The Phone Driver

Many rooting tools work unless it is connected. You should install the phone driver before rooting. Otherwise, you are not able to continue the rooting progress.

5. The PC System

Some rooting tools work only when flashing the phone under Windows XP mode. For example, Win 7 or Win 8 users need to put their PC to the "XP compatible mode" to carry on a rooting.



Tips on Rooting Android:

You can root your Android phone by using a good rooting app. Below are several apps that enable you root your Android device with ease and high success rate.

Kingo Android Root

KingoRoot offers both PC and APK solutions, which means you can either root your Android on computer or do it directly on your Android device. This Android root tool offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and has the highest success rate.


One Click Root

One Click Root is the one of the best apps for rooted Android device. This app supports almost all Android phones and tablets, including Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, Sony, Google, etc. It’s easy to operate with the intuitive interface.


Root Browser

Root Browser is a file manager app that offer most features of Root Explorer. However, the obvious advantage of Root Browser over Root Explorer is that it is available for free. It enables you to take control of their Android device and root files & folders.

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