How to text or iMessages on iPhone

Author:Livia | TIME:October 12,2017

For many iPhone users, in order to communicate with others, the iMessage, text, call, iChat are alternative. However, if an iPhone users need to talk with an Android or Windows users, iMessage or iChat is not available in this case. So how can you replace iMessage to text messages on iPhone without missing any other information with your friends? Here I will show you 4 basic ways to make it.


Method1. Keeping long-pressing the iMessages is helpful

1.After you finished typing message, you can send it as the way as usually.

2. Long-press and keep your finger on the message body like you need to copy or paste.

3. A little dialog box will show up with a couple of options. Choose "Send as Text Message" quickly and your iMessage will be replaced into a text message.


Method2. Switching of your iPhone iMessage can be a choice

Just simply turn off iMessage with the route as following.

1.Go to your iPhone Settings.

2.Tap Messages.

3. Switch off the iMessage.


Method3. Close of your iPhone Wi-Fi and Cellular Data is alternative


1. Open Settings, then select Wi-Fi/WLAN section.

2.Turn off the Wi-Fi/WLAN.

3.Back to your main Settings, then tap Cellular.

4.Switch off your data off.


Note: Back up all of your iPhone text messages and iMessages

In order to keep all of your messages as comprehensive as possible, it is necessary for you to make your iPhone messages back up. cFone iPhone data transfer is ready for you.


1. Download, install and lauch cFone iPhone Data Transfer to your Windows or Mac; 

2. Connect your iPhone with a cable to the PC, choose “Content to Computer" (Content to Mac).


3. Select file target types you want to backup, for example the videos, photos.


4. Tap on the Arrow button to transfer your target files iPhone to the computer.


5."Transfer Completed" shows up, it means the transfer is completed and you can select any files to view on the PC.


Now you can finish making iPhone back up easily.


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