How to Unlock iPhone 6 without Passcode to Back It Up?

Author:Jake | TIME:September 14,2017

Almost all of the mobile phone users set a passcode for iPhone for the sake of security. This helps prevent others from getting into your iPhone without your permission. In addition to the passcode, there is another way for you to unlock iPhone - the Touch ID. And if you get the iPhone X, you can also unlock the device by scanning your face. No matter which way is used to unlock the iPhone, it has to be done by you - your preset passcode, your fingerprint and your face.


If someone have your iPhone somehow, it’s never easy for him/her to get into your iPhone, let alone backup the device. And sometimes you may not be able to backup the iPhone either, even it belongs to you. This could happen when you accidentally drop the iPhone onto the ground and the screen get damaged. You see nothing but black screen. But you know the iPhone is working because others can calling in while you are not able to answer. Trust me, you will need to take it to the repair store unless you don’t want it.


But before you do that, you should backup your iPhone first in case of any accident. How to unlock iPhone 6 without passcode? I mean, how to backup iPhone without passcode when the screen is broken? You can’t see anything on your iPhone. Fortunately, there are some other ways that can help you access the data on your iPhone. Below are 3 ways that can mirror your iPhone on computer and lets you manage your iPhone data with ease.


Solution 1: How to Backup Locked iPhone with iTunes

Solution 2: How to Unlock iPhone if you Never Synced with iTunes

Solution 3: How to Backup iPhone without Passcode



Solution 1: How to Backup Locked iPhone with iTunes (works only when screen is responsive)

To backup locked iPhone with iTunes, you must make sure two things: (1) you had synced your device with iTunes before; (2) you haven’t restarted your iPhone since then. Things gone right, iTunes might have remembered the password and will not ask you to unlock your device again. In this way, you just need to connect the iPhone to your computer and backup the locked iPhone. You can follow below steps:


Step 1: Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to computer. Click on Summary and then choose “Back Up Now.”

Step 2: Once the backup process is finished, you can put the iPhone in recovery mode so you can unlock the device.

 how to backup iphone without passcode using iTunes


Solution 2: How to Unlock iPhone if you Never Synced with iTunes (works only when screen is responsive)

Provided you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, it does not know your passcode. Therefore, if you want to get access to the iPhone, you will have to put the device in recovery mode and then restore it as a new device. Below is how to get into an iPhone without a passcode.


Note: This way may erase everything including data files and settings on your iPhone.


Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone to your computer. Make sure that your iPhone has been turned off before connecting.

Step 2: Press and Hold the home button and the power button at the same time until you see the Apple Logo appear on the screen. Keep holding the buttons until the device is in recovery mode.

how to unlock iphone 6 without passcode

Step 3: When the device enters recovery mode, move your fingers off the buttons. And then in iTunes, choose “Restore” to restore your iPhone to factory settings. After that, you can then set it up as a new device.

how to unlock iphone 6 without passcode



Solution 3: How to Backup iPhone without Passcode

If you just want to backup the data on your iPhone, you can use cFone iPhone Data Transfer.


※ Transfer data between iOS and iTunes/PC/Mac seamlessly        

※ Transfer iPhone music, photos, videos, apps, documents, etc.         

※ Fully compatible with iOS 10.3 and later versions


Now download and install cFone iPhone Data Transfer on your computer and follow below step on how to backup iPhone without passcode.


Step 1: Connect iPhone to Computer

Launch iPhone Data Transfer on your computer and then connect your iPhone to the computer. By default, the program will detect your iPhone automatically.

how to get into an iphone without a passcode 

Once iPhone Data Transfer recognize your iPhone, you will see below interface. Now you can click “Content to Computer” (Content to Mac).

how to get into an iphone without a passcode 


Step 2: Select Data Type

In this step, you will see interface as below shows. Now you can select file types that you want to backup, and you will need to select an export path on the computer.

how to backup iphone without passcode - select files 


Step 3: Transfer Data

After you select the data types you want to transfer to computer, click on the Arrow button in the left side to transfer data from your iPhone to the computer.

how to backup iphone without passcode - transfer iPhone data to computer 


It takes a while to transfer the data and when it is completed, you will see “Transfer Completed” in the interface. You can view the iPhone data on your computer then.

how to backup iphone without passcode 

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