How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Smartphones - 3 Solutions

Author:Jake | TIME:September 29,2017

To make sure your Android phone stays secure, you have several options. The most common used method is the lock screen password that locks out anyone without the right password. And if you want it more secure, a SIM card lock should be your best choice. Essentially, SIM lock requires your lock screen PIN, pattern, password, or fingerprint and SIM card to be in place before the phone can be unlocked. You can kind of think of it as physical two-factor authentication, which deters thieves from removing the SIM in order to avoid being tracked.


However, not all users want that SIM lock. You might lock your SIM card before but now you just want to unlock it. So how t unlock SIM card on your Android smartphone? If you are in trouble of locked SIM card, you can use below 3 ways to unlock SIM card.   


Solution 1. How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Phone via Carrier

Solution 2. How to Unlock SIM on Android Phone via a Paid Service

Solution 3. How to Unlock SIM on Android Phone via Android Data Recovery


Solution 1. How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Phone via Carrier

1 If you know your carrier, just contact them to consult about the SIM card unlock issue. If you need to do this, you should make sure your network contract comes to the end. Otherwise, you need to pad for an early termination fee. Once you do that, you will receive a code that you should keep with caution!

2 Then you should insert the new SIM card into your device. And before you do that, it is suggested that you turn off you phone.

3 Now turn on your Android phone and enter the code you’ve received from the new carrier. If you enter the correct code, the Android SIM card unlock is completed!



Solution 2. How to Unlock SIM on Android Phone via a Paid Service

There are some official services that offer unlocking service. You can find them on the Internet or from the advertisement. But you need to pay for the unlock codes that are used to unlock SIM card.

1 Find an official service and find out the IMEI number of your phone. You can find your phone's IMEI number on the back or underneath the battery, or you can dial "*#06#" to get it from the carrier.

2 Pay the service and get the unlock code. After you pay for the service and offer the information of your device, you can get a unlock code in several hours or several days.

3 Insert the new SIM card and enter the code. Please insert the SIM card from other carrier and power on your phone. Then you can see a notification where you can enter the unlock code. Please enter the unlock code from the service and you may need to wait for a moment for your device to connect the new network.



Solution 3. How to Unlock SIM on Android Phone via Android Data Recovery

cFone Android Data Recovery is more than a data recovery tool, it also offers an easy way to unlock SIM card on your Android phone. Below is how to unlock SIM card on Android using this app. Now you can download and install it on your computer and follow below steps.

Step 1: Connect Android to PC 

Now launch Android Data Recovery and you will enter into the user interface.

how to unlock sim card


Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable. Then go to your device and enable USB Debugging. Once connected, click “SIM Unlock” in the interface.
how to unlock sim card

Step 2: Follow the Guideline to Set Up Phone

There are two simple guides shown on the interface. Please follow the onscreen instructions to set up your mobile phone. Then click "Unlock". 

unlock android sim card

Step 3: Unlock SIM Card

The program begins to unlock your device, Pleases wait patiently. After it unlock successfully, you can insert the new SIM card form other carrier to check if it can work. 
android sim card unlock

Maybe you get several ways to unlock the SIM card. But as you can see above, you can operate easily and work it out with the help of Android Data Recovery. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact us! 


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