How to view and transfer iMessage history

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When you got a new Mac or set your computer as new, associating your Apple ID is necessary for you to do at the fist moment, cause you need to syncs some of your data and settings over to your Mac—but the vast majority of your Messages history still stays on your old computer for security reasons, some of them even can`t be visible. If you want to see the iMessage history, you need to at least know how to find out the hidden folders that is able to get iMessage history to your Mac, then transfer to Mac version. This article will tell you 4 ways to view iMessage history on Mac, which are very useful to reference iMessage conversation history.


How to find out iMessage archive on Mac


1.Go to Messages then click Preferences.


2.Open "Save history when conversations are closed" box and Finder, click Go and choose Go to Folder.


3.Input in ~/Library/Messages.


4.Then two folders will pop up: Archive and Attachments along with a file database labeled "chat.db".


You can do whatever you want, you can see all your past messages from conversations that you've closed or saved from Archieve; all the images and video from those conversations are stored in Attachments; You can also see the he information from your active message history from chat.db.


How to transfer iMessages history to a Mac


You can try iTunes to sync your iPhone over the Mac or restore from iCloud. However, if you have synced your iPhone with an Mac before and then you need to view iMessage on a new Mac, you can follow the steps below to easily transfer iMessage history to a Mac.


1.Run both of the old and new Macs. The Messages app should be enable on both.


2.Click up AirDrop window on both of the Macs, File Sharing is also alternatively for you if AirDrop fails to work.


3.Clock out ~/Library/Messages folder on both of Macs and drag the Messages folder from your old Mac to AirDrop.


4.Run Messages app on your new Mac, make a copy of this folder and save it to the desktop.


5.Delete the Messages in data folder on your new Mac.


6.Drag the data from the Messages folder from old Mac to the now-empty Messages folder.


7.Re-open your new Mac.


How to view iMessage history from iPhone with cFone iOS Data Recovery

1.Launch iOS Data Recovery and choose “Recover from iOS Device”. Tap “Start” then choose “photo” as the type of data you want to recover. Click “Next” to continue.


2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer with apple USB cable. Click “Scan” When you finished this.


3.Then you will get a list of both deleted and existing iMessages and you are able to view the iMessage on the next screen. Just choose them then tap "Recover" to save the Messages to your computer if you need.


How to view iMessage history from iTunes backup with cFone iOS Data Recovery


1.Tap on "Recover from iTunes Backup" and then tap on "Start." Select "Message" in the next window and click "Next."



2.Choose a device you have back up with iTunes then choose "Scan."


3.All iMessage of the device will show up when the scan finished. Then click on "Recover" to save them by selecting them.



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