Best Image Search Engines and Websites

Author:Jake | TIME:November 15,2017

Want to get some amazing images or just pictures that fit your various needs? Maybe you are looking for a wallpaper for your PC screen or mobile phone; maybe you just need a photo that matches the theme of your blog or post; maybe you want an expression or need some image resources for photographing.


Then you may need an effective image search method. It is not difficult to search for images online and as a matter of fact, many people search by image very often. You just need to type in what you want and you can almost get what you want. The problem is: where to search image online? Actually, there are a lot of search engines and websites that you can make use of. And below I will introduce you some best image search engines and sites that you can use to download various kinds of images.



Image Search Engines

Google Image Search

As the biggest and most popular search engine, Google has a huge database that lets you find images on any topic you can think of. The filters of Google picture search help narrow your search by size, color, resolution, and much more, making your image search more precise. Besides, you are also able to use Google to search for an image by actually using that image in your search query; this is what is called a reverse image search. 


Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo's Advanced Image Search is another way to narrow down your searches. You can filter your picture search by size, coloration, site/domain, and so on.



Just as its name indicates, Picsearch is a professional search engine for searching pictures. It allows you to search for photos and animations and its "Most Popular Pictures" feature is especially useful.


What is Reverse Image Search

Since we have mentioned reverse image search above, there is a need to make some elaboration on this. Reverse image search lets you know where an image you see on the Web actually came from, how it is being used, whether modified versions of the image exist, and helps you find higher resolution versions.


Google offers a very easy way for quick reverse image search. For example, you can use a general Google search query, locate an image, then simply drag and drop that image to the search bar to indicate you'd like to search using that actual image to find out where other instances of it might be on the web.


In addition, with the direct URL of where the image resides, you are able to search with the URL. Or you can use TinEye as a reverse image search engine to get more information on where that image originated from. And below is how it works:


1 Upload an image from your computer, or copy and paste an URL that has the image you're investigating.


2 TinEye comes back with a list of possible sources for that image. TinEye has all sorts of interesting possibilities.


*Note: Please read the fine print before using images from any of these image search engines or image search sites. Different photos and sites have different usage licenses, which can possibly restrict your use of their image.


Image Search Sites

Flickr: Flickr has a large array of different images. It is a great place to search for wonderful photo galleries from talented photographers worldwide. But please check if the photo you want is available to use on other sites because not all Flickr users give this kind of permission. 


NASA Image and Video Library: You can get thousands of NASA press release photos, videos and audio recording spanning American manned space programs from the Mercury program to the STS-79 Shuttle mission. This is a website that only deals with high-quality photography collections. If you want high-quality images, is your best choice.


University of Colorado Garst Photographic Collection: Amazing collection of over 20,000 images put together by the Garsts as they were filming for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom television series.


Public Domain Images: If you want free images without copyright issues, just check out the list of the public domain image sources. Users are free to use these within most commercial and private projects. 


Classroom Clipart: This site offers a rich source for free downloadable clipart, searchable by topic.


Eastman Museum: Search through a wide variety of photo and image collections, including motion picture and technology collections.


Getty Images: Huge database of searchable images from various leading brands. You can narrow your search to include only royalty-free images. This site offers different levels of image access.



The LIFE Picture Collection: Powered by Getty Images. A fascinating collection of photos and images included in both Time and Life magazines.


National Geographic Photography Collection: Includes photo galleries from this acclaimed magazine, gorgeous wallpapers, a photo of the day, and more.


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