A Full Guide and Useful Tips for Getting Started with Kik on Android

Author:Jake | TIME:October 11,2017

In addition to the adorable feature to allow users to chat with friends via text, photos, videos, emoji, stickers and more, just as WhatsApp does, Kik gains its increasing popularity mostly because it respects privacy. Unlike other messaging services, Kik allows for anonymous registration. If you haven’t joined Kik or are not familiar with Kik, here are some tips for you.

Tips 1: How to Get Started with Kik on Android?

Tips 2: How to Chat and Share with Kik?

Tips 3: How to Make Fun with Kik?

Tips 1: How to Get Started with Kik on Android

1. Create an Account

If you are new to Kik, you will need to register a Kik account. You can download the Kik for Android from Google Play and then install the APK file on your Android phone. Then run the app and then tap “SIGN UP” to register an account. You need to fill out the form with your information such as username, password and email. And after registration, you can log in with the associated email or your Kik username.

sign up for Kik 

2. Confirm Your Email Address

It is very important for you to confirm your email address because it helps you get back and reset your Kik password once you forget it. Once you manage to sign up for a new account, you should receive a verification email sent by Kik to your email address. If you don’t receive a verification email, go to “Settings” > “Your Account” > “Email” and request a new verification email. Sometimes the email may be found in junk or spam mail folder. Once you get the verification email, open it and click “Click here to complete your sign-up” to confirm you email address.


3. How to Add People on Kik

Since Kik is a messaging and social app, you need some friends on this platform so you can chat and share content with them, just as you do with Facebook. So you must want to know how to get friends on Kik. Actually, once you sign in, you will be prompted to find your friends on Kik if you have contacts on your Android phone. Kik will automatically detect your phone contacts and ask if you want to add them as friends. You can also invite your contacts to join Kik if they haven’t been Kik members.

If you want to add specific contacts as Kik friends, you can manually type their names or Kik username. And there is another faster way to add friends - scanning Kik code, which we will talk about in the following part.

how to add people on kik

Tips 2: How to Chat and Share with Kik

1. Send a Message to a Friend

Go to the speech bubble menu, touch a friend's name and you can chat with him/her. And just tap on the "Type a message" section and you can type in your text. Then you can tap on the bubble icon to send your message to your friend. 

2. Chat with Friends More Fun

In addition to plain text, you can chat with your friends using more fun features. Touch the "smile face" and you can unlock the fun option of rich emotional expressions. What’s more, if you tap the "+" button on the left, you can find more options: 

GIF: Let you share funny dynamic picture to friends.
Stickers: Small images that you can buy in the Kik store. Some stickers are free, while others require purchase or Kik points (Kp).
Viral Videos: Lets you browse and send videos from YouTube.
Sketch: Lets you draw a picture.
Memes: Lets you create your own custom "meme" images.

3. Share Photos and Videos with Friends

It is easy to share existing photos or videos on your Android with your friends. You can do this by simply tapping on the "+" button, and then choose the "Gallery" icon, scroll down and select content you want to share. 

In addition, you can also shoot a photo or video to share them instantly with friends. You can see the camera-like button next to the "Gallery" icon, tap it and then tap the button right in the middle at the bottom for photo or hold it for video.
Note: If this is the first time you use this feature, you will be asked if you allow Kik to access the Gallery and Camera app. 
share videos and photos via Kik

Tips 3: How to Make Fun with Kik?

1. Choose Avatar for Kik

Kik allows you to use and change the avatar for your account. If you want to be easily recognized by others, you can use your image. Go to "Setting" > "Set Photo" and you can choose a photo from existing pictures or just take a photo instantly. 
set profile photo for Kik

2. Customize Chat Bubble Color of Your Own Style 

You don’t have to use the same green color for your chat bubble. You can change the color easily by following below:

1) Tap the gear icon at the top of the Kik home screen.
2) Tap "Chat Settings".
3) Tap "Chat Bubble Color".
4) Tap the color you want from the list of option. 
customize Kik chat bubble

3. Download New Emoji

In addition to the built-in emoticons, you can also try downloading new emoji. Here is how:
1) Start a chat with one of your friends.
2) Tap the smile face.
3) Tap the "+" button on the emoji menu.

You will then be directed to smiley shop where you can select and download new emoji you like. Some are free of charge while others require purchases. 
download new emoji for Kik

4. Make Friends with Kik Code

In addition to typing in names manually to search for friends, you can make friends on Kik directly via scanning Kik code.

1) Tap the "Search” icon > "Scan a Kik Code" option, and you are able to scan for your friend's Kik Code as well as directly add him/her as a friend.

2) You can also go to "Settings" > "Your Kik Code" to find your code or scan to add friends.
Note that you can ask your friends to send the screenshot of Kik Code to you and add them on Kik so you don’t need to meet them in flesh.
make friends on Kik via Kik code
After you read above, I think you should’ve know how to use Kik well.

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