How to Shoot Drone Photos with Depth Using DJI Phantom 3 SE

Author:Jake | TIME:October 20,2017

Many people use drones to take photos or shoot video clips for better view. There are places where you cannot stand steady and still, but you need to be, otherwise, you can hardly produce good art work. However, on the contrary, there are challenges too while taking photos with drones such as DJI Phantom 3 SE.


To make your drone photos great works, you need to incorporate a foreground, middleground and background. Otherwise, your photos will lack perception of depth and just look flat. And you may lose foreground elements very easily while flying a drone to capture. Below we will talk about three methods that help create more depth in your drone photos.



Method 1: Fly Lower and Position the Drone

Now that you are the DJI pilot, you have full control of the drone. And if you want to add depth to the photos, just fly your drone lower and position it and get the objects close to the camera. Making full use of the tree branches can create 3D effects in the camera. So try positioning your subject between branches of a tree.


Method 2: Slightly Desaturate and Darken Foreground

To create more depth in drone photos, you can desaturate and/or darken the foreground of the photo. This method may be familiar to you as it is rather similar to creating a standard vignette in post processing, but there is a difference - you need to add strength of the adjustment along the bottom portion of your drone photos taken by DJI Phantom 3 SE.


Method 3: Use Large Lens with Adjustable Aperture

You can create additional depth in your photo art by adjusting lens focus. Most small drone cameras are not able to create much boket or shallow focus. So if possible, you can use larger lens with adjustable aperture. You may have noticed that iPhone 7 and the latest iPhone models have equipped with the boket mode in the camera. If this comes true in the drone cameras, you can have more fun and create depth in photos more easily.


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