Back up iPhone 8 in 3 Alternative ways

Making iPhone back up is effective to prevent iPhone data loss. This article shows you 3 alternative effective ways to back up iPhone, which are also suitable for iPhone 8 or iPhone X

Tips to make new id on iPad

Setting a new Apple id is necessary for security when you got a second hand iDevice or your lost iDevice back. Taking make a new id on iPad as an example, this article tells you 5 tips erase and make a new iPad id.

How to delete iDevice safari history

It is safer if you are conscious of delete your internet history time in time. This article shows you 2 ways to delete your iDevice safari history

Check iPhone Verizon Messages Online

If you lost your iPhone, you can also check your text messages online. This article will show you 4 ways to view Verizon text messages online including the lost and exist.

How to Backup & Restore Samsung Galaxy Phone Data with Kies

This article offers 3 ways for you to backup and restore Samsung Galaxy phone data. Read and learn how to do this in details.

How to Backup and Restore Android Text Messages

This article shows how to backup text messages on Android and how to restore them back to Android device in two different ways.

How to Root Android with SuperOneClick

If you want to uninstall predesigned apps on Android, you will need to root your device. This article shows how to root Android with SuperOneClick.

How to Find or Change Forgotten Skype Password on Android

If you forget your Skype password, you can read this article and learn how to reset Skype password so you can access your account again.

How to Transfer Music from iPod to Android Device

If you are looking for a music transfer app for Android to transfer music from iPod to Android, cFone Mobile Transfer can be your best choice.

How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to Computer

This article offers a solution on how to transfer text messages from Android to computer and also shows how to restore text message from computer backup to Android phone.

Delete instagram account step by step

Instagram is widely used among people, if you don`t want to use it, you can delete your instagram account permanently or temporarily. This article will tell you how to delete instagram account step by step.

How to Download Instagram Videos to Android

This article offers 3 different ways for you to download Instagram videos. You can then transfer videos from your computer to your Android device to enjoy them.

How to Unlock LG Phone If You Forgot Password

If you are not able to unlock LG phone because you forget the password, you can follow the tutorials in this article to unlock your LG smartphone.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy

This article offers two ways on how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages from Samsung Galaxy phone. So you can get back lost WhatsApp messages no matter if you have backup or.

How to Recover Files from Samsung Stuck in Samsung Logo

If your Samsung phone gets stuck in start screen, you can reset it to factory settings. And this article talks about how to recover data from Android after factory reset.

Tips to clear Google search history

It will be safer for users to clear up the search histories in browsers such as Google, this article will show you 4 tips to clear search history on Google for iPad users.

How to Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

If you are having trouble with how to recover data from Android phone with broken screen, you can read this article and try the two solutions provided.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Samsung Tablet

This article shows how to recover lost data from Samsung tablet no matter how data get lost: factory reset, OS update, accidental deletion, etc.

How to change kik display name on iPhone

How to change your Kik username? Sorry but Kik username is unable for kik users to change, if you want something new and fun, you can change your kik display name.

How to close off find my iPhone

It is necessary for iPhone users to turn off the find my iPhone when they don`t need to use it to prevent being tracked by someone else. This article shows you 4 ways to turn off your iPhone features of find my iPhone

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