How to Recover Deleted Files from Android

This article shows you how to recover deleted files from Android phone no matter if you have backup or not.

How to Import vCard (.vcf) to Android and iPhone

If you have a vCard file containing your contacts, you can import the vCard file to your Android phone with ease. Read this article and learn how to do this.

How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working Issue on Mac

This article offers some solutions to fix Android File Transfer not working issue and introduces two alternative apps to transfer data between Android and Mac.

Top 3 Ways to Backup Android Photos

Photos on your Android phone take up a lot of space and may get lost due to various reasons. This article offers 3 solutions to backup Android photos so you won’t lose them.

How to Root Android Phone with SRS Root

SRS Root is a simple tool that enables you to root your Android device with ease. This article shows you how to root Android with SRS Root and provides a solution to backup Android.

How to Add Google Account on Android Phone and Tablet?

This article shows how to add Google account to Android phone and how to backup Android data to PC.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android Phone

We may delete or lose contacts on the Android phone. This article shows how to recover Android contacts in two different ways.

How to Recover Deleted Video, Photos and Music from Android

This article talks about how to retrieve deleted videos, photos and other data from Android device. Read and learn how to do this.

How to Boot Android into Recovery Mode

This article introduces detailed tutorials on how to boot into recovery mode for 4 mainstream Android brands. You will learn how to do this after you read this article.

How to Backup Android Call Logs History to Computer

Android will only save the recent calls. So if you don’t want to miss any calls, you will need to backup call logs history of your Android phone.

How to Root Android with Kingo Root?

This article offers two different ways to root your Android phone by using Kinggo Root. You can root Android on PC or directly on the Android device.

How to Block and Unblock A Number on Android Viber

Viber can be used to make and receive free video calls and send free text messages over Internet, so many use it to promote. This article tells how to block a number on Android Viber.

How to Save Snapchat Stories on iPhone

Snapchat deletes the snaps once they are read. This article talks how to create and save Snapchat stories on iPhone and save them on the computer.

How to Get iMessage on PC Computer or Laptop?

This article shows how to get iMessage on PC even though you don’t have iPhone or iPad.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android?

This article talks about how to transfer contacts between Android phones, iPhones, Android and iPhones.

How to Transfer Photos from Android to PC or Vice Versa?

It is necessary to backup your Android device to the computer regularly. This article shows how to transfer photos from Android to PC and keep your photos safe.

How to Record iPhone Screen without Jailbreaking

This article offers two solutions to record iPhone screen on computer: Windows PC and Mac. Read this page and find out how.

How to Unlock SIM Card on Android Smartphones - 3 Solutions

There are times when you need to unlock SIM card for some reasons. This article offers 3 solutions on how to unlock SIM card on Android smartphone.

Top 5 Reasons of A Failed Android Rooting

Rooting Android phone can give you more control of your device. But sometimes you may fail to root your Android phone. This article lists top 5 reasons of a failed Android rooting.

How to Mirror Android to TV Screen?

This article shows how to mirror an Android device to a smart TV screen, no matter you are using a Samsung device or other Android device.

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