Best 5 computer software on Amazon 2017

We have get you 5 computer software based on Amazon best seller. You can get rid of your confusions when you feel hard to choose one as your pc software download.

How to check your iCloud backup files

It is necessary for you to know what are saved in your iCloud. Here we give you 4 ways to do iCloud check to get the files stored in your iCloud.

Features to check if you are blocked on iPhone

It might get hurt if knowing that someone has blocked your number on their smart phone, but you have to know sometimes. This article will tell you 4 features to check if you are block on iPhone.

Tutorials to connect or transfer Gopro to iPad video format

It is available for iPad or iPhone users to play GoPro videos by transferring the format to iPad video format, follow the 3 tutorials to get more details.

How to Fix Process COM Android MMS Has Stopped Error on Android?

If you come across "Sorry the application Message (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try agaain. Force Close", you can fix it by following the solution in this article.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android

When you want to connect Android to computer for specific task, you will need to enable USB debugging on Android. This article shows how to enable USB debugging on Android.

Top 3 Methods of Rooting Android Phone

Rooting Android has a lot of benefits and that’s why so many Android users want to get a root Android device. This article offers 3 ways to root Android.

imessage activation error on iPhone: how to fix

It will drive you crazy if your iMessage keeps noting that imessage activation an error occurred during activation and needs your to try it again. Follow the 6 methods in this article to fix imessage activation error on iPhone .

How to view and transfer iMessage history

If you want to view the iMessage history on a Mac or computer, alternatively you can find out the iMessage folder, or take the cFone iOS Data Recovery to transfer iMessage and save them in your computer.

How to save Wechat videos on iPhone

You can alternatively to add the wanted videos as your favorite or save them in your iPhone. But you can`t save the sight videos except you following this article.

How to Transfer Viber for Android to New Phone

This article offers a solution on how to transfer Viber for Android to new phone so you can keep all Viber messages and data on your new phone.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp for Samsung and Other Android Phones

If you lost messages of WhatsApp for Samsung, here is a tutorials on how to retrieve WhatsApp messages from Samsung.

How to Fix ADB Device Not Found?

This article shows how to fix ADB Device not found issue after you connect and enable USB debugging on Android.

How to Backup and Restore Android Viber for Mac Users

Viber is another messaging app for Android users to chat with others with rich media. This article shows how t backup and restore Android Viber for Mac users.

How to Recover Deleted Kik Messages from Android on PC Effectively

This article offers a solution to recover deleted Kik messages of Android phone on PC. Read and learn how get back your lost Kik message with cFone Android Data Recovery.

How to Recover Android WhatsApp for Mac

If you have lost some important WhatsApp messages on your Android phone, you must want to get them back. This page shows how to recover Android WhatsApp on Mac.

Tricks for not enough storage on iPhone iCloud

Do you want to get rid of the situation of storage got full on iPhone? We have 8 tricks for you in this passage!

Clear facebook cache on iPhone in 3 ways

When you noticed that the most part of your iPhone storage are taken up by the caches from Facebook, you need to follow these 3 ways to clear Facebook caches deeply and permanently.

How to deal with imessager doesn`t work on iPhone

It is not strange when iMessage tells you Not delivered. You just need to follow and check out the most common features in this article, your iMessage will work again.

Best Music Downloader for Android Phones Free Trial

Want to download music songs to your Android phones? The best Android Music Downloader is sure your best choice to download music songs directly to your Android phones and manage the Android music files!

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