BlitzWolf Goggles 3D Glasses for Android & iPhone Mobile VR Games and Videos

Author:Jake | TIME:October 31,2017

Why Choose BlitzWolf Goggles for Mobile VR Games?

1 Latest Version of VR -- After 130 times anti-throw experiments and 72 hours high temperature experiment, BlitzWolf VR headset offers stronge quality and suitable design for wearing, its new constructure will show the immersive 3D virtual reality vision.

2 Eyes Protecting & Comfortable -- Lenses are ungraded to be more smooth and purified, with 42mm Mitsubishi aspherical FOV108 lenses, 8-layer nano-coating and 5-time polished, soft and etachable leather padding keeps you feeling good even after hours watching movies or playing 3D mobile VR games.

3 Compatible with Larger Phones(6.3''max) -- Blitzwolf VR3 has larger adjustable rubber clamp that fits for 3.5-6.3 inch cellphone such as Nexus 6P, iPhone 6 6s 7 Plus, One Plus, Samsung S7 Edge, etc, while the phoneclamp is slidable, you phone's volume button will never be obstructed.

4 Adjustable Pupil and Focus Distance -- The headset can adjust pupil distance in 55-65mm and can also cater up to 500 degree of shortsightedness, each eye can be focused individually for different shortsightedness.

5 Download 3D Video and Game Apps -- Works with over 500+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps. This VR can't automatically transform images to 3D format, you need to download APPs with 3D format video or watch panorama videos on YouTube, QR code, Apple Store or Google Play. All video source can be found on Google. And you can also get 3D VR games online.




BlitzWolf VR Headset with Remote Controller Compatible with 3.5-6.3 inch Screens for iPhone and Android


Your Newest 3D Home Cinema

BlitzWolf Latest VR glasses make you go into 3D virtual reality viewer, enjoys watching the latest Hollywood blockbusters or playing mobile vr games anywhere, anytime, offers you the best vr experience, like you are in 3D home cinema.

Latest Version of this VR 
After 130 times anti-throw experiments and 72 hours high-temperature experiment, BlitzWolf VR headset offers strong quality and suitable design for wearing, its new structure will show the immersive 3D virtual reality vision.
Comfort and heat dissipation improvements
Removable front cover improved heat dissipation.
Adjustable head strap and high quality leather cushion makes your wearing more comfortable.


3.jpgBlitzWolf  Our Best VR Ever: 
1. You could adjust the head strap according to personal wearing size to get the best experience.
2. 4.2cm Mitsubishi PMMA Aspherical FOV108°Lenses with an 8-layer nano-coating that has been polished 5 times.
3. Improved soft artificial perforated leather around the eye area and headband to keeps you feeling good even after hours of playing 3d virtual games.
4. The rubber pads in the phone clamp can be adjusted to match you device, this prevents smartphone side buttons being accidentally pressed when mounted in the goggles.

Compatible with 3.5-6.3 inch Phone
Hold up to 6.3" phone while others are still limited to 6", which means now the VR can easily hold big phone like iPhone 7 plus/7/6s plus/6s/6/5s/5c/5, Samsung Galaxy S8/7/6/5/4, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Nexus, Xiaomi. ItWorks with over 500+ iOS/Android virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


4.jpgIndividually Adjusting Lens:
1.  At a range of 55mm - 65mm(PD) and 56-60mm(FD), it can be used without glasses if your eye focus is below 500 degrees. 
2. For different shortsighted of both eyes, now you can adjust pupil distance and focal distance individually to meet a perfect degree of both eyes instead of setting the focal distance only to the same position.
1. You can connect with your earphones via the open port on the both sides of the unit.
2. Please do not too closely push the lens to your eyes, which will make it uncomfortable.
3. First use makes you a little dizzy for some users, but don't worry, long use will be better soon.
4. Remove protection film on lens and wipe the lens with glass cloth before using to prevent it from blur.
5. If the video is unclear, you should djust its video quality to HD level or more.
6. The phone case will enlarge the size of original phone, please take the phone case away before use it.
7. We suggest you could download "Google Cardboard" app or others from app store.



360 Degree Panoramic Scene Roaming
Using BlitzWolf bluetooth controller to play video games, enjoying 360-degree 3d home movies  and mobile VR games
Product Specifications:
Size: 130mmx60mmx14mm
Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth 3.0 compliant
Wireless Distance: 2-10 Meters
OS: Android /IOS/PC
CPU :  ARM968E-S Core
Battery : Type size alkaline AAA 1.5V x 2
Working time (Continuous game): About 40 hours
Work current: 0.5~8mA
Standby current: 0.5-1mA
Shutdown current <20uA



Convenient and Practical Design:

The front cover is magnetically attached and can be easily removed to improve ventilation and keep your device cool. Some VR apps use the smartphone camera and the front cover can also be removed to give the rear camera visibility.
With accessible open sides, you can easily connect a pair of headphones to your smartphone.
Package Included
> BlitzWolf VR3 Glasses with 1 Bluetooth Remote
> Glasses Cloth
> User Manual
> Card



1. Support Android/PC (GAMEPAD): NES/GB/GBC/SFC/SMD /N64 / PSX/MAME. Android APK game. 
2. Support Android system version 3.0 or above.
3. Two kinds of mode: turn it to the game mode and it become a gamepad for mobile VR games; turn it to the key mode and it can control the camera and music of the phone.
4. Multiple functions: Gamepad, Wireless mouse(just for Android), Bluetooth Selfie, VR controller, Music controller, eBook page controller.  
5. VR Remote Controller couldn't be compatible with IOS game;
6. For iPhone or Android smartphone, VR controller only can turn up & down the volume.


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