How to Have Perfectly Sanitary Dishes in Kitchen - New Dish Scrubber in 2018

Author:Jo | TIME:January 26,2018

It is a common thought that home cooking is unique and beneficial to people. One of the reasons is that people who cook at home would like to choose materials that have fewer calories and use less sugar.


In short, home-cooked meals are healthy and much more to your taste. However, due to annoying dish washing chores, there are not so many people who cook at home. People hate to clean dishes with a dish scrubber so that they will rather go to a restaurant for a meal.


As for restaurants, dish washing is an important part of the kitchen as well. No matter the meals are cooked by yourself or chefs, there is essential to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of kitchen utensils. Since there would be various types of utensils waiting to get clean after a meal, 1 single type of dish scrubberis not sufficient for dish washing job.


Luckily, people can get a great number of kitchen scrubbers from a store or Amazon without effort. Those scrubbers have different features and they are designed for different cleaning occasions. Here I will share the new 3 cleaning tool for you to clean dirty dishes. I am sure you will like them!


Top 3 Review of the New Dish Scrubber in 2018 


Kitchen scrubber is needed to make dishes clean in an easier way. However, not every scrubber serves you well. Besides, there is never a scrubber that helps you handle all the dish and cookware. You are supposed to find out some dish cleaning supplies which perform well in cleaning. Below is a guideline for you to refer to.


1. cFone's Magic Multifunctional Silicone Scrubber


The structure of this scrubber is not similar to a regular sponge. The silicone sponge does not have porous structure. Instead, it is compact and impermeable. This product is not made from waste silicone part. It applies brand new food-grade silicone material! The soft bristle design of this dish scrubber helps you fully clean all the nooks and crannies of dishes. It is ideal for delicate dishes or non-stick cookware.


You can utilize it as a heat resistant gloves to carry hot pot. It is more durable due to the high heat resistant feature and compacted structure make this dish scrubber. In other words, it has a longer life span than other dish cleaning supplies.

Pros: image.png


Not easy to deform 

Soft enough to wash veggies and fruit

Bright candy color

Won't store dirt and waste

Capable to hang on anywhere

Enable to release your stress by squeezing it



More fit for light-duty dish washing.


Conclusion:If you don’t need to do heavy-duty cleaning in kitchen, you can try this silicone sponge. It is an amazing versatile dish scrubber for you to create a hygienic environment in your kitchen.


2. The Ringer's Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Cleaner


This scrubber is designed for cleansing cast iron or stainless steel cookware. It is made from stainless steel and soldered by machine. The Ringer is a sturdy and strong chainmail scrubber for you to clean dirty dishes and cast iron skillet!


You can successfully remove the black carbonized food spots out of your cast iron without doing harm to the cookware. If you use it to clean up your pans, you will find out that the stuck stuff is so easy to scrub off.



Easy to clean

Lightweight stainless steel dish scrubber

Durable to be used for a long time



The size of this scrubber is not big enough to use

It might scratch the surface of the dish and cookware



If you want to try something new in kitchen, you can get this scrubber from Amazon. It will provide you with novel experience of cleaning in kitchen.


3. No Odor Dish Cloth for All Purpose Dish Washing


Made of polyester fibers and nylon, thisdish scrubber lasts longer and dry faster than a traditional sponge. All the products have triple stitched reinforced edges, which are capable to avoid unraveling.


Each package includes 3 pieces of dishcloth. Every product is a wonderful scouring pad for dishwashing. It can be a useful alternative to a regular sponge. With it, the process of dish cleaning will become simpler.



Less requirement of replacementimage.png

Easy to rinse and sterilize

Nice grip feeling



Won’t absorb water

More easy to break off than silicone sponge



This scrubber can clean dirty dishes effectively. It won't become smelly if you rinse off food particles from the scrubber and air dry it as soon as possible after dishwashing.

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