How to Record Your Android Screen - 3 Ways

Author:Jake | TIME:October 12,2017

There are occasions when we may need to record our Android screen. For example, if you are a professional game player who often share strategy, tips and tricks, you may need to record your screen. So how to record your Android screen? There are some good screen recorder apps that can absolutely help you with this. Below we will share with 3 apps of this kind with you.

Solution 1: Record Android Screen with Android Recorder

Solution 2: Record Android Screen with Apowersoft Android Recorder

Solution 3: Record Android Screen with Vysor

Solution 1: Record Android Screen with Android Recorder

Android Recorder is one of the useful tool of the cFone Android Data Recovery toolkit. This Android screen recorder program lets you record your Android screen in high quality and high definition. You can download and install the program on your computer and follow below to record your screen.

Step 1 Run Android Recorder on PC

After you launch the program on your computer, choose "Screen Recorder" in the user interface.

how to record your android screen

Step 2 Connect Android Device to Computer

Now connect your Android device to PC via the USB cable, and then enable USB debugging on your Android so it can be detected.
how to record your android screen

Step 3 Display Android Screen to PC

Now you are able to see what exactly your Android screen displayed on your computer. Then please click on the Android Recorder button on the right navigation bar and tap "START NOW" button to confirm that you are to the record your Android screen. 
android screen recorder

Step 4 Record Android Screen

After you confirm to start the process, the program would record your Android screen automatically. When finish recording, click the red button to stop recording and save the clip on your computer.

how to record your android screen



Solution 2: Record Android Screen with Apowersoft Android Recorder


Apowersoft Android Recorder is another solution to Android screen recording. This app enables you to capture apps, game clips as well as video calls and other different screen actions on Android phones running Android 5.0 or later versions. Below is how to record with this app. You should first download and install this app on your computer. And make sure your Android device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 1 Connect your Device to PC

Connect your Android device to computer via USB cable. When it is connected, you can get a same interface displayed on your Android device in your computer immediately.

Step 2 Begin Recording

When your Android screen is mirrored on the PC screen, you can hit the red record button on the top left of the projected screen to start recording. After you finish recording, you just need to hit the stop button and save the recording to the output directory you set. 

 Apowersoft Android Recorder


Solution 3: Record Android Screen with Vysor

In addition to being used as a desktop application, Vysor is also a Chrome app that is compatible with all operating systems. With this app, you can easily record your Android screen. Download and install the program on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome) and follow below:

Step 1 Connect Your Device

After installation, connect your Android device to PC with a USB port.
Vysor Android Screen Recorder

Step 2 Start Casting

Your Android screen should be mirrored on the PC screen now. And you can start recording every operation of your Android now. You can also viewing and control your Android with your mouse and keyboard.

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