How to Find or Change Forgotten Skype Password on Android

Author:Jake | TIME:October 10,2017

With so many services and apps on our Android phone, we may have create a lot of accounts for each service and app. And of course each them requires us to set a password for the account. Sometimes out of convenience, we may share the same username and password for multiple accounts. In that way, we don’t have to remember too many passwords. However, for the sake of security, it is suggested to use a unique password for each account even you use the same username or email. Besides, some services require you to include symbols while others forbid that, which forces you to make different passwords.


Therefore, it is very easy and common for us to forget password to some account. For example, you may forget your Skype password. If you’ve forgotten your Skype password, how to find or change password to your Skype account? If you forgot Skype password, you can follow below tutorials to regain access to your Skype account.


How to Change Forgotten Skype Password

Step 1: Go to the Sign in interface of Skype and choose “Problems signing in?” below the login panel.

Step 2: Input the email address you used to register Skype, and click Continue. Soon you will receive a recovery email with a temporary code. You should go and check your registered email.


Step 3: Now check and see if you get the email. If you don’t find it, then it might be filtered to the junk or spam folder. Open the email and click on the link called “follow this link”. If that doesn’t work, try entering the code manually on your phone.


Note: The code lasts for only three hours, so if you don’t use it in time, you will need to go over again.


Step 4: Now you will see your Skype account associated with the registered email. Go to Reset password and you are able to set a new Skype password. When you finished, click on Save. Then, you can go and log in Skype with your new password.



Note: If you no longer use the email address that you have registered for your Skype account, all you can do is to contact their customer service at once so that they can register the current email that you are using to your Skype account. And all the password reset information will be mailed to the newly registered email address.

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