How to Use Google for a Reverse Phone Lookup

Author:Jake | TIME:November 08,2017

Just received a phone call but have no idea who this phone number belongs to? Actually there is a way to look up where this phone number comes from. All you need is the search technique - reverse phone lookup. You might wonder what this is and how to use it. Then you can read on.


What is a reverse phone lookup?

A reverse phone lookup is a simple way to track a phone number by typing in the phone number to a search engine or directory and seeing which listing comes back associated with that particular number. There are various ways to look up a phone number on the Web, among which Google is one of the most effective option. This popular search engine tracks a lot of information on people.

Google and reverse phone lookups

You can use Google's phonebook search operator to do a reverse phone number lookup. But in November 2010, Google has officially shut down the phonebook operator because of the large numbers of people finding themselves in Google's index and sending in requests to be removed. Though this has made tracking a phone number less intuitive, you can still use Google to perform a reverse phone lookup by following below:

1 Enter the full phone number (including area code) in Google search box;

2 You'll see the number listed at dozens of different phone directories.

3 If the number is attached to a business, that business (usually) will show up in the first five search results.

4 If the number is attached to a private household, the address most likely will not show up attached to the number. But if you are lucky enough to find that person has placed their number anywhere else on the Web, for example, at a social networking site, then that listing will show up.

In addition, you can also use Google to find addresses and phone numbers, and here's how:

1 Simply type in the person's full name and their zip code, for example, "terry brooks 97304".

2 This can potentially bring back a name, phone number, address, and a Google Map with directions to the residence; "potentially" because if the person you're looking for has not had their address made publicly available, it most likely will not show up in search associated with any other information. 

How to remove yourself from the Google phone directory

Even though Google doesn't seem to have a public phonebook listing anymore, there is a chance for you to remove your information (if it's listed) from its directory. You just need to go to the Google Phonebook Name Removal page to remove your information. But please note that this will not remove your personal information anywhere else because it might also be stored on the Web.

Can you always find a phone number using Google? 

Despite of the fact that many people have successfully found a phone number with above phone number lookup methods, it is not 100% possible to find a phone number using Google. If the phone number is unlisted or originates from a cell phone, the number most likely will not be found online.


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