How to Root Android with Kingo Root?

Author:Jake | TIME:October 07,2017

Having been an Android user for many years, I share the same feeling with you that it is really intolerable to have little control of your own device. You know the bloatware preinstalled in the Android device takes up a lot of storage space and eats battery, but you are just not able to uninstall them. Manufacturers and carriers set restriction on this to prevent users from messing up the device; however, this leave users hardly no control except basic functions. And that undermines the real power of Android.


Good news is that you can release the potentials of Android by rooting the device. It may sound like that rooting is the job of the professional. Actually it is easy to root an Android phone with the help of a rooting tool. And in this article, we will introduce you Kingo Root (you may also search Kingoroot Android) and how to root Android with Kingo Root.


Kingo Root for Android is a free and easy-to-use rooting program which helps you one click root your Android phone. It allows you to root and Android devices running any Android OS version. Although rooting is safe, there is accident. For example, if you take wrong steps while rooting, your Android phone may get bricked. Therefore, it is important to backup your precious data in the device before rooting. After backing up your Android phone, you can follow below solutions to root your device.


Solution 1: How to Root Android with Kingo Root on PC

If you are going to root your Android phone on the computer, you should download and install KingoRoot on your Windows computer. And you will need to prepare below things:

1 Your Android device should be at least 50% battery level
2 Stable Internet connection
3 USB Cable


Step 1. Connect Android Phone to Computer 

onnect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable. Once connected, enable USB Debugging on your Android phone.


Step 2. Allow Program to Root

And on your Android phone, tick "Always allow from this computer". Otherwise, you will probably get yourself an OFFLINE DEVICE.

Root with Kingoroot Android 

Step 3. Root Android With Kingo Root

Click on the button "Root" to let Kingo Root to start rooting your Android phone. When the rooting process is done, click the button "OK" to complete.

root Android with Kingo Root 

1. Once you root your Android phone, you will get privileged control and administrator-level permissions, and you can then custom ROM, uninstall system applications and so on.
2. Rooting may void your device warranty.
3. If you are intended to remove or disable system apps after rooting, you are required to install system management tools.



Solution 2: How to Root Android with Kingo Root on Phone

There is a version for Android that enables you to do the rooting within the Android device. You can download the Kingo Root APK and install the app on your Android device. Then follow below steps:

Step 1. Run Kingo Root for Android on Phone

After installation, tap the icon of Kingo Root for Android to run the app.


Step 2. Start Rooting Android

Click the "One Click Root" button and Kingo Root will start rooting your Android phone.

how to root Android with KingoRoot


Once you complete the rooting, you will gain more control of your phone. You can delete built-in apps that you do not need.

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