How to Root Android with SuperOneClick

Author:Jake | TIME:October 10,2017

When you buy an Android phone, have you noticed that there are many apps you seldom or never need to use? Born with nature, Android is equipped with many preset apps by the manufacturer. Interesting thing is when you try to uninstall them, you may find that you don’t really own your Android on which you spent a sum of good money. You don’t have the authority to delete something or uninstall some apps because it is set to be like this by manufacturer, preventing you from “destroying” the device.


However, if you have some good knowledge of how the Android system functions and want more control of the device, you can choose to root your Android phone. Rooting enables you to truly own you Android device. With a rooted Android phone, you are allowed to uninstall unwanted apps, install “illegal” apps, install custom ROM and more. So how to root an Android phone?


Below we will show you how to root Android with SuperOneClick - an easy to use rooting app. This Android rooting tool is safe and minimize the risk of bricking your device while rooting it. It allows for both partial and full rooting, which most of other rooting tools do not feature. Besides, it also offers a solution to unroot Android.


How to Super One Click Root Android

Step 1: Download and Install SuperOneClick on Computer

Before getting started, you should download and install the SuperOneClick app on your computer. Then you can unzip the zip file and launch the program. The SDK is required. Please install the SDK developers kit too.


Step 2: Connect Android phone to Computer

Now connect your Android phone to the computer. Please enable USB debugging on your phone so the phone can be detected. And make sure your SD card is not mounted.



Step 3: Root Android with SuperOneClick

Once your device is connected to the computer and open the program, you can enter the user interface as below show. Click the "Root" button to start the super one click root process.

root android phone with superoneclick 

Step 4: Check Rooting Status

You will see the progress. Once the rooting is completed, you will be prompted with "OK". And when everything is done, you will see the "Success" notification.

super one click root android


Step 5: Reboot Droid

Now go back to your Android phone. You should see the Superuser icon like a Droid skull and crossbones on the background. If you can see it, your phone is rooted. If not, you will need to reboot the Droid. And it is suggested to reboot it even though you do see icon because this can fix some issues getting rooted apps to work.

root android with superoneclick 


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