Best Samsung Data Recovery Software Free Download to Recover Lost Data

Just like many other Samsung users, you may store a lot of data on your smartphones: photos, videos, songs, contacts, SMS, WhatsApp messages, Kik messages, documents, and so on. It seems that life would be flat without these exciting data. Imagine that without messaging apps such as WhatsApp to chat with others far away, or without media files to enjoy, how do you feel? I mean, we have get used to life with smartphones, and will not want to go back to the Stone Age.


So the data on your Samsung phone is really important and useful. But it feels like needle stabbing into your heart if the precious data get lost on your mobile phone. No matter how the data disappear, accidental deletion or system crash, you want it back. If you are busy looking for a solution to Samsung data recovery, then you’ve just landed on the right page.


Actually, you can easily get a Samsung recovery tool that enables you to recover lost data. However, before you do something, it is strongly suggested that you should turn off Internet connect so as to make sure non of the software would automatically update to latest version. If you fail to do that, there may be a chance that the data could be overwritten. In addition, you would not add or save anything to your Samsung device.



Best Samsung Data Recovery Software Free Download


If you have followed above right, then here is the best Samsung data recovery software free download - cFone Android Data Recovery. This Samsung recovery tool can help you securely recover almost everything you lose on the Samsung phone, including contacts, messages, WhatsApp, Viber, Kik, media files, etc. And it is very easy to use and can get back what you want in 3 steps.



How to Recover Data Using Samsung Recovery Tool?


Step 1: Connect Android to Computer

First you would need to download and install cFone Android Data Recovery on your computer. Next, start the Samsung recovery tool and choose “Data Recovery” in the user interface.

samsung data recovery 

Now connect your Samsung phone to the computer via USB cable and follow the steps to enable USB debugging.

samsung data recovery - enable usb debugging 


Step 2: Scan Samsung Phone

In this step, you will need to select file types to scan.

samsung data recovery software free download


Now you should select a scanning mode and click “Start” to scan through the Android phone.

samsung data recovery - scan device


The program will find and display the deleted data in the interface.

samsung data recovery 


Step 3: Recover Selected Data

Once the scanning process is complete, you will see all your Android data including existing and deleted files. Once you select what you want, click the “Recover” button to start the Samsung data recovery process. It may take a while and once the recovery process is completed, you will see the lost data on your Samsung phone.

samsung recovery tool to recover data 

Author:Jake  |  TIME:September 15,2017

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