How to Set Up Gmail Account Easily

Author:Jake | TIME:November 02,2017

In previous tutorials we have give detailed guidelines on how to sign up for new Gmail account on both desktop and mobile devices. But still there are questions from our customers asking how to set up Gmail account. Therefore, we will concentrate on Gmail settings after signing up a new account and signing in the account.


Just like many other services and apps, Gmail allows its users to customize the Gmail account, i.e., the Google account. There are a lot of settings that are available to change so you can make your Gmail into your preferred style. Below are the detailed guide on how to set up new Gmail account, which of course, is also applicable to your existing Gmail accounts.


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Set Up Gmail Account Step by Step


1 Click the gear icon to change the view. There are several different views that you can use for Gmail. These views affect the spacing between each email in your inbox. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Gmail window, and you can set up Gmail account by selecting one of the Display Density options: Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact.

  • Comfortable has the most spacing in between each email.

  • Cozy has the medium amount of space between each line.

  • Compact has the least amount of space between each line.

set up gmail account


2 Click your avatar to add a picture to your account. It's in the upper-right corner of the browser. Once you've clicked it, hit Change to set an image for your account. This picture will be displayed when other Gmail users receive email from you, and will be associated with all of your Google activity. For example, if you create a YouTube account, then this picture will show up as your channel icon.

gmail settings




3 Import your contacts using the Gmail menu. You can quickly add your contacts from another mail program to Gmail using the Import Contacts tool. You will need to have exported your contacts from your old email program such as Outlook, as a CSV file. You can also export your Apple contacts in vCard format. You can follow below steps:


a. Click the "Gmail" menu in the top-left corner of the window. Select Contacts from the menu that appears.

b. Click the "Import Contacts..." option at the bottom of the left menu. The new Google contacts will require you to press More > and then Import.

c. Select where your contacts will be imported from.

set up new gmail account


And that’s all about how to set up Gmail account. Now you can try it yourself and personalize your account.


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