SMACrezi Folding Plastic Sunglasses for Men and Women - Skyblue Revo Mirror Lens

Author:Jake | TIME:November 29,2017

There is no doubt that style and elegance are always a factor in selecting eyewear, but there are more things to consider. While you are choosing a pair of plastic sunglasses, you should also make sure they provide optimum protection from harmful UV rays, which should be the primary purpose of the sunglasses.


Important Factors to Think About While Selecting Folding Plastic Sunglasses:

  • Practicality: The sunglasses should cater to the needs of protecting eyes from UV.

  • Durability: The material and quality are important factors to think about; otherwise, the product won’t last for long.

  • Design: The design of plastic lens sunglasses should stay with the fashion rather than granny style.

  • Price: It’s not always true that “the more expensive, the better”. You need a high quality product at reasonable and affordable price.

  • Packaging: A rigid packing case for the plastic sunglasses for women and men can protect them from damage or squish.


Based on above factors, we are sure that SMACrezi UV400 protection folding plastic sunglasses should be your best choice. You can have a pair of folding sunglasses around durability, protectiveness, and fashion.




SMACrezi UV400 Protection Folding Sunglasses with Skyblue Revo Mirror Lens


Product Specifications

· Metal frame

· Plastic lens

· Non-polarized

· Lens width: 62 millimeters

· Bridge: 14 millimeters

· Arm: 140 millimeters

· UV400 Protection - 100% Against UVA/UVB Ultraviolet Radiation

Benefits of SMACrezi Folding Plastic Sunglasses 


Full Protection

SMACrezi folding sunglasses can protect your eyes from excitive light, keeping out UV radiation effectively. You can wear them easily and bring them everywhere you go. The full coverage of sunglasses over your eyes reduces the possibility of getting hurt or uncomfortable.




Fashion Plastic Sunglasses for Women & Men

This Skyblue Revo Mirror Lens sunglasses is perfect for everyone, women and men. You don’t need to worry that the sunglasses become useless stuffs if you don’t use it often. Instead, you can give it away to others and they can fit their style well.


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