SMACrezi Plastic Folding Sunglasses for Men and Women - G15 Green Lens

Author:Jake | TIME:November 28,2017

Are you a fan of sunglasses? Think about the reason why you wear sunglasses. As far as I am concerned, there are two major reasons: to protect eyes from strong sunlight, and just wear them to make themselves look good. And well, believe or not, the latter is the main reason in most cases. You may have noticed that celebrities are always wearing sunglasses. Look cool?


Thing is, when you go outside in the strong sunlight, you may need a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from getting hurt. So which is more important, practicality or fashion? As a matter of fact, you don’t have to worry about getting either at the cost of sacrificing the other. All problems can be solved if you choose to use folding sunglasses. And SMACrezi offers you stylish foldable sunglasses.




Specifications of SMACrezi G15 Green Lens 

· Plastic frame

· Plastic lens

· Non-polarized

· Lens width: 53 millimeters

· Bridge: 16 millimeters

· Arm: 140 millimeters

· UV400 Protection - 100% Against UVA/UVB Ultraviolet Radiation




Foldable Plastic Sunglasses for Men & Women


2.jpgPractical Folding Sunglasses

The sunglasses keep the sun out while you are busy with other businesses. You don’t need to worry about the strong sunlight. The sunglasses have rubberized arms which helps to hold them more securely on my head/ears and the turquoise mirroring on the lenses is a pretty color. They also come with a decent sized black cleaning cloth. Comfy and quality.




Fashionable Folding Sunglasses

The design of these foldable sunglasses is pretty good and can fit you very well. They are always updated with fashion and make you look more like a famous star. You can attract a lot of attention while wearing these folding sunglasses.




Exquisite Packaging

The sunglasses are packed in a nice carrying case and box that protects the sunglasses. It's very rigid so you don’t need to worry that they might be crushed in your handbag.



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