Stasher Bags - The Best Food Storage Bags!

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[Introduction] Stasher bags are some kinds of reusable food bags which perform great in food storage, organization and preservation. This product is an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bag. Also, it won't do harm to the human body! It is good for cooking. Here we would like to reveal more about stasher bag. Read this article to explore.

Part 1. Why Should Choose Silicone Food Storage Bags

Part 2. What's the Benefit of Using Stasher Bags?

Part 3. Tips on Using Stasher Bags

Part 4. Another Recommendation of Silicone Food Storage Bags

Part 5. Customer Reviews of Stasher Bags


Part 1. Why Should Choose Silicone Food Storage Bags

It is common to see food stored in a transparent plastic bag for preservation. Numerous plastic bags are produced and such bags bring great conveniences to us people but heavier burden to our planet. You must be familiar with white pollution which is caused by waste plastic. However, it is so hard to refuse convenient food storage bags in daily life!

At this point, we found out a perfect alternative to plastic baggies. That is the reusable bag made of silicone. A sustainable and environmentally friendly houseware for every family!

We have picked out and tested several silicone bags. After having a deep understanding of silicone bags, we got the winner - stasher bag! And then we went further to explore more features on stasher bags. In addition to plastic free and BPA free, we were attracted by the versatile features of stasher silicone storage bags(such as being used in food preserving, organizing and sous vide).

In the following contents, we would like to display those features and the reasons why we select stasher silicone bags as the best.


Part 2. What's the Benefit of Using Stasher Bags?

Kat Nouri, the founder of Stasher, said that the concept of Stasherbag is to create eco-friendly and healthy storage bags for food. As a mom of three kids, Kat works hard to provide her families with better and healthier life. She designed such silicone bags to preserve food as well as pack sandwiches for kids.

Stasher Bags are not just food-grade silicone sealed bags which are degradable and won't result in white pollution, but also high reuse rate bags with low consumption. A platinum food silicone stasher bag can be utilized for a long time and for different purposes. Below are some outstanding features of these bags.

1.Amazing performance in the freezer

Stasher bag can withstand low temperature down to -40 °. You can use those bags as freezer bags which are available for both refrigerated or frozen.

2. Word well in hot applications

Since the silicone bags are stable at high temperature up to 220 °, you can directly put it into a microwave for food heating. Note: you should unseal the bag beforehand.

3. Great storage property

These self-sealing stasher bags are airtight, which means that you can store liquid like milk and juice in the bags without worrying inadvertently spilling. Moreover, these soft silicone bags to protect cosmetics from damage!

4. Easy to clean

Bags can be easily washed in a dishwasher after use. The soiled stasher bags will never trouble you for cleansing because the dirt is easily removed and the bags dry very fast!

All in all, this type of silicone food storage bag is convenient to use at home as well as in traveling. Below we are going to provide you with 2 tricks of using stasher silicone bag.


Part 3. Tips on Using Stasher Bags

1. Use as an ice pack or a smoothie pack

You can make a cold compress easily and quickly by filling a stasher bag with ice cubes.

Or you can fill with your favorite fruit and vegetable and then freeze the stasher bag to make a smoothie pack!

2. Utilize for Sous Vide

Can you believe these stasher bags are also best utensils for sous-vide cooking?

You just need to seal meat, fruit, veggies and spices(choose as per your like) and ensure to pack in vacuum. After that, you can simply place the food in a water bath which has a set temperature. This method can avoid overcooking, so you can get a desire sous-vide cooking dish perfectly.

PS: For compact vacuum pack, you can keep the stasher bags upright in water and then seal food slowly and carefully. Water will help you push the air out of bags. Keep in mind that the opening of your silicone bags should be a little bit away from water.



Part 4. Another Recommendation of Silicone Food Storage Bags

While we really liked the Stasherbag's self-sealing, non-plastic, non-toxic durable and air-tight features, the price is admittedly high. Here comes the second silicone food storage bag on Amazon, which is cheaper then stasher but still has full functions like stasherbag.

BEEHOME Reusable Silicone Food Preservation Bag Airtight Seal Reusable Sandwich Bags (4pcs)

BEEHOME Reusable Silicone Food Preservation Bag


BEEHOME's silicone bags are made of FDA & SGS Approved food grade silicone. They are zip-locked, which is different from pinch-press stasher silicone bags. But they still have good performance in store both solid and liquid food. Also, the BEEHOME bags are safe in refrigerator, freezer, microwave and dishwasher! They are not just reusable sandwich bags for lunch preparing, but the versatile storage bags. You can use these silicone bags in kitchen as well as outdoor to collect and store your small items.

It's kind of pity that every BEEHOME silicone bag needs a plastic seal bar. However, the bags made of pure silicone are far better than any plastic bag! If you are fond of the idea of environment protection and plastic reduction, you can choose silicone bags like stasher. And BEEHOME'S is a worthwhile alternative as well.

Stasher bags sandwich_

Part 5. Customer Reviews of Stasher Bags

"The Stasher bag protects the content from leaking or encroaching spillage, which wipes away easily. I filled it 1/3 with water and placed it upside-down for 4 hours, and the bag did not leak. "

"Great and easy to operate, even for school-aged kids. It is flexible and slightly stiffer. Nice bags for placing fruits, crackers and pretzel sticks and other snacks."

"Those are pretty convenient and reusable sandwich bags! Won't leach harmful chemicals and gasses during heating. Help me to reduce disposable products and contribute to our planet. Five stars for sure. "

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