Steps to download songs from youtube to iPhone

Author:Livia | TIME:November 07,2017

Recently, with the album “Reputation” of Taylor Swift, fans can`t stop to own all of her new songs when these songs first time were played on Youtube. You know that not only the songs of Taylor Swift, Youtube not allows music fans to download free and if you choose other ways to try to download the songs, you will be required to pay for them. So is there any ways for you to download songs free? The answer is yes. Just keep eyes on this article, you will get rid of the question how to download songs from youtube to iPhone or iTunes with the 3 top apps in this passage, including how to download your favorite “What you made me do” from youtube.


Top 1. cFone iTunes Music Manager


You are worthy to have the top 1 iTunes Music Manager to free download or convert any songs or MVs from YouTube to your iTunes, iPhone, MP4, FLV, 3GP, WebM, AAC, AC3, iPhone ringtone, etc. With iTunes Music Manager, the music player platforms are not limited in youtube, you are allow to have songs from the famous SoundCloud, Spotify as well as Facebook. 

Step1. Download and Launch iTunes Music Manager


Launch iTunes Music Manager, click “GET MUSIC” tab.


Step2. Input Music Link and Download music from Spotify immediately.


Navigate to "DOWNLOAD" windows, copy and paste of the target web address from Spotify.  Then tap “Download” to download music from Spotiy to iTunes.


Once you have finished the download, you can do one of the things below you want. When you decided to do one of the following transfer, iPhone Data Transfer or Android Data Transfer is ready to give the most effective ideas for you.


* Transfer between iPhone/iPad/iPod and iTunes

* Transfer between Android and iTunes

* Transfer between iPhone/iPad/iPod and Windows PC/Mac Computer

Top2.Freegal Music


Freelegal is a free music download app that is able to download free music for iPhone or iPad from the platform such as Youtube and provides you with more than 7 million different MP3 songs via your local library.


Stpes to use freelegal to download songs to iPhone


Step1.Download and install Freelegal from iTunes store on your iPhone.


Step2.Search the library for the song you want to download.


Step3.Click "download" to download the songs in your library.


Step4.Nevigate the downloaded song on your iPhone anytime.


Pros: Easy to use interface and a large number of songs to download.


Cons: Some users reflect frequent crashes.



Top3. Beats Music


It is a great free music download app for streaming music fast and then download it to their device. It will let you access more than 20 million songs from just about every genre, with it you are surely have a squib exploring all the music you can find here.


Steps to download songs with Beats Music


Step1.Download Beats Music from the App Store then install it.


Step2.Select the music you want to listen and download.


Step3.Click "play" then the songs will start loading in the background.


Step4.Click "Download" to download the songs.


Pros: Interesting concept and large song database.


Cons: Confusing interface, slow download speeds and lots of low quality songs.


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