How to Sync Android Contacts with Gmail Account

Author:Jake | TIME:October 11,2017

Google has been serving the whole world for a very long time and offers a lot of services such as Gmail. More than simply an email service that allows users to send and receive emails, Gmail is a great way to store and sync contacts for all kinds of platform. You can sync contacts from Android to Android, to iPhone, or from iPhone to Android, etc. So how to sync Android contacts to Gmail so they can be synced to another device? Below is a simple tutorials for you.


How to Sync Android Contacts with Gmail?

Steps to Sync Contacts from Android to Gmail:

Step 1: Export

Follow these steps to export your contacts:

1 Open the Contacts app (on some devices, such as the Moto X, it may be labeled People)

2 Tap the app's menu button (this will either be the device menu button, such as with the Samsung Galaxy S4, or the overflow menu, which is denoted by three vertical dots)

3 Tap Import/Export

4 Tap Export to SD card (if an SD card does not exist, tap Export to USB storage)

sync android contacts to gmail 

Step 2: Import

The next step is to import the newly created vCard from the SD card (or USB storage) into your Google account. Here's how:

1 Open the Contacts app

2 Tap the app's menu button

3 Tap Import/Export

4 Tap Import

5 Tap Google

6 Select Import vCard file, and tap OK

7 If you have multiple vCard files in the location selected, you'll have to select which vCard file to import — Figure B)

8 Tap OK

9 Allow the import to complete

sync android contacts to gmail 

You should now have all of your contacts stored on your Google account. Every device associated with that account will have access to those contacts.


Steps to Sync Contacts from Gmail to Android:

Now you can start to sync Gmail contacts to your Android. Follow the step below:

1. Make sure you have set up the same Gmail account on your Android. If you have not, go to "Settings" > "Account and sync settings" > "Add Account".

2. Go to "Settings" > "Accounts and sync settings", check both "Background data" and "Auto-sync". Then select your Google account below "Manage accounts" and enable "Sync Contacts".

sync android contacts with gmail 

3. Press "Sync now" button and wait until all the contacts on your Gmail account are successfully synced to your Android phone.



How to Transfer Contacts to New Phone Directly

In addition to Gmail, you can transfer contacts from one phone to another directly with the help of cFone Mobile Transfer. This phone to phone data transfer app enables you to transfer contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, music and more between phones running Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows. Below is how to transfer contacts to new phone.

Step 1: Connect Phones to Computer

After you start cFone Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will need to connect both mobile phones to the computer via USB cables. And then please choose “Phone to Phone Transfer”.

phone to phone transfer app


Step 2: Choose Data Type - Contacts

Now you should choose data types that you want to transfer. This phone to phone data transfer tool allows you to choose specific files instead of all data. You can choose “Contacts” only and deselect the others.

Note: You can choose to transfer from either phone to another by clicking the “Flip” button above the file categories section.

how to transfer contacts to new phone


Step 3: Transfer Contacts to New Phone

After you choose the Contacts, you can click the “Start Copy” button to start to transfer contacts to the new phone.

how to transfer contacts to new phone 


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