Tips to restore iPhone/iPod without iTunes

Author:Livia | TIME:November 08,2017

As we know, we can use iPhone as our daily handy smart phone, which can offer us many convenient features. Having a iPod enables us to enjoy our favorite songs when we are doing the gym or something like this. Besides, iTunes is one of the powerful tools that Apple gives us besides what we mentioned above. it can be able to restore data or factory reset our iDevice when they get frozen, locked and dead. Undeniably, you have to admit that there are many situations we need to restore or factory reset iDevice such as iPhone/iPod or the data without iTunes and here we list 3 common situations you need to restore iPhone without iTunes:


1.When you are unable to get any iTunes backup;


2.When you just need to restore several particular contacts or photos which you don`t want to restore the whole iTunes backup;


3.When iTunes is unworkable to restore the stuck or locked iPhone or the iPhone in recovery mode.  


So if you got one of the situations above, you need to come with us to figure out how to restore iPhone without iTunes, which are also suitable for iPod, iPhone 5s/SE/6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus and iPhone 8/8 Plus/X. 


Method1.Hard reset iPhone without iTunes


Here we particular point out the different ways between iPhone 7/7S with other iDevices, you need to take care of following the steps to restore iPhone without iTunes.


How to restore iPhone 7/7 Plus without iTunes


1.Hold on both of the Sleep/Wake and Volume Down for at least 10 seconds, till the Apple logo shows up.


2.Let go both the 2 buttons after the Apple logo appears.


3.Wait for a few seconds till iPhone boots up and then the home screen will pop up.


How to restore other iDevice without iTunes


1.Hold on both Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for several seconds until the Apple logo shows up.


2.Let go both of the buttons when you see the Apple logo.


3.Wait for iPhone finishing rebooting itself and you can successfully restore your iDevice without iTunes.


Method2. Factory reset iPhone without iTunes


This is an alternative form of “restore iPhone” which enables iPhone users to get rid of the computer and iTunes. But you need to back up your important data before taking this way or you will loose them when the process finished.


1.Go to "Settings" -> "General" -> "Reset".


2.Click "Erase All Content and Settings" button.


3.Input the password then click on "Erase iPhone".


Method3.Restore iPhone without iTunes with iCloud Backup


It is necessary for you to reset your whole iPhone to restore the iCloud Backup.


1.Open "Settings" -> "General" -> "Reset" -> "Erase All Content and Settings".


2.Enter the passcode then tap "Erase iPhone", input your iCloud password.


3.Connect your iPhone to WiFi, choose and enter " Restore from iCloud Backup in Apps & Data".


4.Continue to input Apple ID and password.


5.Choose your most-recently iCloud backup to restore which needs you to spend several minutes.


6.Enter your iCloud information to update your settings when the iCloud back up restoring finished. Then you have successfully restore iPhone without iTunes.



Method4. Restore iPhone without iTunes with cFone iOS Data Recovery


cFone iOS Data Recovery enalbes iPhone users to restore selected files to their iDevice without erasing or losing them.


1.Download, install and launch the tool on a computer then connect iPhone to the PC. Choose "Restore from iCloud backup", choose the device contains your wanted backup file then tap "Next".


2. Preview and restore files from iCloud. Choose the files you want to back up in the list and click "Recover".


3. Thus, you can restore your files in iPhone without iTunes as well as getting rid of the file losing.


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