5 Best Sellers of Attic Ladder on Amazon

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An attic ladder is useful and necessary in our house with which you could easily reach your attic. In this passage, we examine attic stairs available on Amazon and pick 5 of the best-selling ones for you. We have considered the size and height of the openings that the attic stairs fit, their load capacity, material, etc. These ladders are generally retractable so that you don’t need to leave the ladder down occupying too much space all the time. Usually, you just need to pull down attic stairs when necessary.

#1 OxGord Aluminum Telescopic Ladder 

OxGord Aluminum Telescopic Ladder

This OxGord's telescopic extension attic ladder, the best seller on Amazon, complies with European Safety Standard EN131, CE and SGS. It could extend as high as 12.5 feet and support 330 pounds at most. This versatile ladder is not only applicable for climbing up to the attic, but also for projects done at places that are too high to reach, such as painting, cleaning, repairing or even reaching things on a tall shelf, tilted at an angle of up to 75 degrees. This attic ladder is made up of aluminum, which is resistant to rust and water. For the sake of safety, every step of this attic ladder is equipped with two steel locking pins so that the joint could be pinned up when extended at every single level or opened. Steps are between 12" to 13.5 " in width, which fits most of the attic openings. Generally, it is really easy and durable to use. However, some might complain that it is not so easy to put away as extending it because you have to push two red switches that are between each rung, which might pinch your fingers. Worse still, as you have to do this for each individual step, it will take some time to put it away. There is a notice from the manufacturer: NEVER stand on the top step in case that you lose your balance.


Extension: 12.5 ft 

Load capacity: 330 pounds


Aluminum-made ladder

Steel locking pins for secure rungs


Difficult and time-wasting to put down

Rungs to stand on rather than real steps

Bend too much when fully extended

Non-durable carry bag

Next are some top pull down attic stairs which are more convenient to put away and specially designed for reaching your attics.  

#2 Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder 

Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder

Louisville Ladder enjoys a high reputation in the market. This AA229GS attic ladder is one of the elite series which are lightweight attic stairs designed for access to upper space. Unlike those that use springs to link the door and the pull down attic ladder, this series applies gas cylinders to prevent attic doors from slamming, thus eliminating the noise and danger of being hit by a sudden close. In addition, gas cylinders also make the access wider so that you go up even with an oversized box. The doors are also insulating so as to keep the heat in. The ladder, made of aluminum, is designed for openings of 22.5 by 54 as high as 7.9 to 10 feet, being able to withstand 350 pounds. If you decide to purchase the AA229GS attic ladder, you will receive an installation kit including all the necessary installation tools and instruction. However, some buyers complain that the wooden doors are of poor quality. 


Openings: 22.5 x 54 

Attic height: 7.9 to 10 feet

Load capacity: 350 pounds

Gas cylinders to prevent slamming doors 

Insulated doors

Aluminum ladder

Installation kit


Two-person job

Thin and poor-quality wooden doors.

#3 Louisville Ladder S254P Wooden Attic Ladder 

Louisville Ladder S254P Wooden Attic Ladder

This Louisville attic ladder meets safety standards set by the American National Standards Institute and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is able to hold 250 pounds, designed for an attic entry of 25.5” to 54” across, 7 to 9 feet above the floor. The easy-hang straps make quick and easy installation possible. With an ergonomic T-handle, you could simply tug it on and easily open up the attic ladder when you're ready to use it. The grooved steps will make it easier to hold on and prevent you from slipping when you are moving up and down. You could adjust the spring tension linking the ladder and the door to find a perfect angle to raise it up.  


Openings: 25.5 x 54 

Attic height: 7 to 9 feet

Load capacity: 250 pounds

Easy-hang straps


Adjustable spring tension

Grooved steps


Better to involve two people to install

Not suitable as pull down attic stairs for everyday use. 

#4 WERNER AA1510 Aluminum Attic Ladder

WERNER AA1510 Aluminum Attic Ladder

This WERNER attic ladder, made of aluminum, fits into smaller or irregular attic access at the height of 7 to 9 feet up from the ground. It is able to withstand whatever below 250 pounds. Involving an assist pole, it claims to be lightweight and easy to operate. It is applicable no matter for hallways, closets or other tight spaces. According to most of the customer reviews, this could be one of the easiest pull down attic stairs. Even if you are not good at installation, you could smoothly move forward with the instructions. Its compact size after packaging makes it possible for you to store and move whenever and wherever you need it. 


Openings: small or irregular

Attic height: 7 to 9 feet

Load capacity: 250 pounds

Assist pole

Non-marring feet

Ideal for hallways, closets and other tight spaces

Easy to pull down & push up, store & move away


Designed for small openings

Not including a door

#5 FAKRO LST 66875 Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

FAKRO LST 66875 Steel Scissor Attic Ladder

This FAKRO steel scissor attic ladder looks different from the others, more fashionable and modern-looking with an S-shape handrail. It fits openings of 22 x 31 Inch arising 7 feet, 2 Inch and 9 feet, 6 Inch from the ground. If you stick to various technical and safety requirements, FAKRO will not disappoint you. It is equipped with an insulated wooden door frame, thus saving more energy. This attic ladder, backed by a 2-year warranty, is able to uphold as heavy as 300 pounds. The manufacturer claims that this ladder is specially designed for small openings and saving space. The door is featured with an insulated and thick rubber gasket, thus preventing energy loss. The box frame applies a unique mechanism to prevent the ladder from opening up suddenly and quickly and slamming. Although the handrail consists of strings, the steps are real embossed ladder steps that are 3.25 inches deep and 12 inches long rather than single bars or rungs. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling down. 


Openings: 22 x 31 Inch 

Attic height: 7.2 feet to 9.6 feet

Load capacity: 300 pounds

S-shape handrail

Insulated door

Thick rubber gasket

Box frame with a unique mechanism

Embossed ladder steps


Some complain that the real size is different from the advertised one.

Produce noise when in use

Tips For Choosing an Attic Ladder

As we use the attic ladder to climb to upper space, by no means should we ignore the safety of using it. First of all, we have to take into consideration where the ladder will be installed. How large is the opening? How far could the attic ladder reach? How sturdy is the pull down attic stairs? Secondly, pay attention to the load capacity of the attic stairs which should exceed your weight plus the heaviest things you would carry. Never step on a ladder that fails to support you. Last but not least, if you don’t want to constantly change your attic ladder, you could make the material clear. Is it waterproof? Does it resist rust? Are there any special requirements for storage?


No matter how durable or reputable the attic stairs are, the most suitable one is the best one. Even if you purchase the most expensive attic ladder, you still have to carefully store and maintain it. 

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