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Part 1:Why do We Need a Posture Brace 

Nowadays, teenagers who are burdened with mountainous homework or get indulged in all kinds of electronic products can easily develop poor postures. They usually browse the screen in improper ways. Similarly, office workers often sit in front of computers all day long and seldom move. All these will definitely do harm to their muscles, joints, spines and eyesight, causing hunch, slouch, chronic neck and back pain and some other diseases. Things could go worse if you don’t take it seriously. Posture brace is a wearable device that helps to align your body and strengthen your muscle by straightening your body and pulling your shoulders back. There are too many advantages that we could not resist a posture brace, such as;

  • Making people look more energetic and positive

  • Preventing backache

  • Keeping bones and muscles aligned properly

  • Preventing the spine from being displaced 

  • Relieving mental and physical fatigue and pressure

Part 2:How to Use Posture Brace

  • Loosen or unhook all the adjustable straps & attachments. 

  • Stand up straight and get in your best posture (standing against a wall is suggested). 

  • Put the posture corrector on with your best posture and tighten or hook any straps.

After you have worn the posture corrector for a while, you might get tired of holding the standard posture and feel the corrector tighter. That is because the posture brace is reminding you to straighten up and keep the standard posture. In the beginning, you don’t need to tighten it too much in case that you would feel uncomfortable. Over time, after you have got used to it, you could tighten the brace for further adjustment.
Readjusting your poor posture could be a long and tough journey, so keep patient and consistent. The more you use it, the better your posture will be.

Although posture brace can help improve our posture, there are some Dos and Don'ts in certain situations that we should learn about.

When to Wear a Posture Brace

  • At the Office 

  • Watch videos

  • Reading 

  • Browsing iPad 

  • Cooking 

  • Doing housework

  • Walking 

When Not to Wear a Posture Brace

  • Swimming

  • At the Club

  • Hunting

  • Sunbathing

  • Dancing 

Part 3:What is the Best Posture Brace

We finally pick the following 5 back posture braces after carefully considering whether it is comfortable, functional, durable and easy to use. 

Only1MILLION posture brace

Only1MILLION Posture Brace

Only1MILLION, established by a man who suffers from severe spinal misalignment, bears a mission of making happy, pain-free lives possible for one million people. It is this strong belief that makes this posture brace the No.1 best seller on Amazon. When you purchase this corrector, you will be guaranteed a lifetime warranty. If you change your mind, you could send it back according to the company’s returning policy.

  • Durability

It's made of durable neoprene. All belts are stitched twice for longer life of the brace.

  • Comfort 

It consists of two tightening straps and a longer Velcro made of the finest neoprene. Thanks to its ergonomic and soft design, users will feel comfortable with this posture corrector on. Besides, there are many perforations on the strap allowing the air to flow.

  • Functionality 

It is impossible for us to wear a brace forever. Only by strengthening our muscles so that we could have our posture corrected even without a brace. Only1MILLION manages to achieve the goal by adding a resistance band. Use it three times per week to increase muscular endurance and improve chest posture, forward head posture, balance and upper flexibility.

  • Easy to use

It is similar to putting on a backpack. Really user-friendly, right? Videos are available for you to learn the best exercises for preventing and ease upper back pain. The longer Velcro allows users to adjust larger sizes, fitting chest sizes between 28 and 48 inches.

 FlexGuard back posture brace

FlexGuard Back Posture Brace

FlexGuard Posture brace aims to train users’ muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment along with physical therapy. It is so lightweight that you won’t even feel it. There is a helpline that is always available for any question pertaining to their product.

  • Durability

It’s made with top-quality materials that will allow it to last for a very long time.

  • Comfort

Before buying this posture corrector, you could measure your waist and height so that you would have the best size for you! Breathable fabric keeps you comfortable. You can even wear it discretely under clothing.

  • Functionality

The cushioned straps pull your shoulders back while our waistband supports the middle and lower back.

  • Easy to use

There comes an instruction with the posture brace of how to use and adjust it, Additionally, the company provides care tips from top professionals in spinal care too!

Andego back posture brace

Andego Back Posture Brace

I know that you are not staying at home most of the time, but you still want to have a posture brace on to make you look better. There is no need feeling awkward if you choose Andego back posture brace. This posture corrector applies latex-free adjustable design which is discreet enough to wear under your shirt or blouse. After a while, you’ll get used to it and even forget you’re wearing a posture brace. The company promises that you could have your money back within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the brace for any reason.

  • Durability

The long velcro strips, the stitching and tough nylon ensure its durability.  

  • Comfort

Most part of this posture corrector is made of soft foam padding, which makes you feel comfortable with it on. However, some might complain that the nylon that wraps around the under-arm is a bit rough and can dig into the skin when tightened. With foam pads provided by the company, you could have additional protection if you don’t mind its a little bulky size.

  • Functionality

It works by pulling your shoulders backward and straightening your upper back, thus releasing your back pain. The discreet design makes it possible for you to wear it all day long. No matter when you work in the office or walk in the street, nobody will notice that.

  • Easy to Use

The clavicle brace is appropriate for chest circumferences between 25 and 50 inches. The shoulder straps are adjustable, you can easily put it on or take it off. There is also a manual telling some tips and washing instructions.  

2 in 1 posture brace

The 2 in 1 Posture Brace 

This posture brace ranks the first on doctors’ recommendation list in America. Vive carefully studying posture brace of other brands with an open mind and learn from their strong points to make up for its weakness. Ultimately, Vive’s posture corrector stand out as its favorable designed, considerate customer services as well as a reliable return policy. Vive guarantees that if the brace does not work for you, you can return it within 30 days.

  • Durability

The tough stitching on this posture brace will make it durable enough to stand the test of time while it will take a long time for the nylon straps to get worn-out. The arm straps are connected to the back portion of the brace with plastic rings, which allow the brace to stay flexible while remaining durable.

  • Comfort

Most of this product is made of soft foam, which makes you feel comfortable. You don’t have to worry that the hard plastic parts of the posture corrector will scratch against your skin because they sit in the middle of the back. When you put it on, the brace is adjustable so that you can find the best place to provide you with comfy support.

  • Functionality

Vive offers 2 ways to wear the brace: over the shoulder or around the back. Both will perfectly fit your size and needs. You are suggested to start with 15 minutes a day. Then double you time after 2 weeks, but older people may need to start with 5-10 minutes a day. Three sizes are available, so most body types can enjoy posture-correcting benefits. Best of all, the slim design and soft texture make it perfect to wear under clothes, for all-day support wherever you go.

  • Ease of Use

I believe that putting this simply-structured posture corrector can be a piece of cake for you. You just need to slip both arms through the flexible straps and adjust the Velcro to a suitable place until you find the suitable size around your chest and shoulder. Each size can be adjusted to fit different body types, so you can always be sure to get the right fit.


Back Posture Brace

Do you have to sit at your work desk for long hours or lift heavy items throughout the day? Are you suffering from back pain and misaligned posture? This posture corrector aims to help you take control of your posture, thus preventing chronic pains in the future. The company provides a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days so that it is assured to purchase.

  • Comfort

Unlike those that dig into your armpits, rub your skin, this posture brace is equipped with detachable armpit pads to make you wear it at ease all day long.

  • Functionality

This posture corrector develops long-term muscle memory by quickly straightening shoulders and back, so even after you remove it, you will form a habit of straightening up. Thanks to the adjustable strap, the brace could go around chest circumference between 28 and 42 inches. You could wear it for the whole day discreetly under your clothes.

  • Easy to use

It is as easy as putting up a backpack with a sideband. You don’t even have to ask for others’ help.


Poor posture has a negative effect on both our physical and mental health. The posture brace list we recommended above is quality, functional and easy to use. Choosing one, getting started and making progress day by day, your life will make a difference. No matter what decisions you make, we wish you a happy and healthy life. 

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