Top 5 rated ladies electric shaver sellers guide

Author:Livia | TIME:December 21,2017


For most of women or girls, the silky smooth skin are always one of the purchasing dreams all the year. The ladies electric shavers are one of the necessary accessories in our dressing room. As one of the private beauty care for women, the electric shavers for women should be with a good quality, which should be durable, comfortable and safe. In this passage, for girls who want to get and keep the silky smooth skin, we will show you a guide of 5 top rated electric shavers for women on amazon best sellers this year. Just choose one based on your skin type, hair texture, area and features of the electric shavers for women you want. 


Ladies Electric Razor Table Comparison 2017

BrandFeatures & Advantages

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies




*Versatile Wet Dry Shaver Operation

*Three Floating Head System

*Hypo-allergenic Womans Razor Blades  and Foil

*Compact, Space-saving Shaver Charger

*Has Three Blades in The Head

*Usage per Charge Approx: 10 shaves         (3 min./1 shave)




Remington Rechargeable          Shaver WDF5030A



*Optimal Angle Head

*Flex Dual-Sided Trimmer

*Smooth Glide Technology

*4-Blade Shaver 

*Lift Logic Foils

*Almond Oil Strip


*100% Waterproof

*Soft-Touch Grip


Remington Rechargeable        WDF5030A



*Charging Base: Yes

*Floating Heads: Yes

*Hypoallergenic: Yes

*Moisturizer Strip Technology: Almond   Oil

*Number of Foils: 2

*Power Source: Cordless/Lithium Battery

*Trimmer: Yes

*Usage: 30 minutes cordless shave time

*Warranty: 60-Day Money Back                Guarantee

*Washable: Yes


BRAUN Silk-épil 5280 



*Catches hair 4X shorter than wax does

*High-frequency massage system


*Adapts to every contour

*Shaver head


Braun Silk-épil 9 9-521



*Epilation gives you instantly smooth        skin that lasts up to 4 weeks

*Braun Silk-épil epilators remove 4x 

  shorter hair than wax 

*Silk-épil epilators feature a massage        attachment that helps to reduce hurt

*Epilation helps hair grow back lighter       and less noticeable

*Attachments are designed for use on         underarms, arms, face, and bikini area

*Great for sensitive skin,all women and        all skin types.


As we know, the most attractive and impressive in the crowded will always be the shorter hemlines and longer silky smooth legs. Most of women are used to take the electric shavers to clean up the armpits more regularly, the part of legs should also catch your attention and add them to the routine. Moreover, with the development of fashion, you will find the functions of ladies electric shavers won`t no longer limited in armpits and legs in daily life, trimming for facial hair, tummies even the chests are also the potential functions given by electric shavers of women.  

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Top 5 rated ladies electric shaver sellers guide