Top 5 Review of Bottle Brush in 2018

Author:Jo | TIME:January 26,2018

Here I would like to share you some brushes for bottle cleaning. You definitely won't regret to read this article.


Before I start to post those brushes, I would like to make a summary of bottle brush at the beginning of the article.


It is acknowledged known that bottle brushes are aiming to clean things like baby bottle or beer bottle. Most bottle brushes will have at least a handle and a sponge or bristle head. Bottle brush  can be made of different kinds of material like silicone and nylon. Also, there are so many bottle brushes in different sizes and shape. Therefore, you have to think over what kind of brush you want to buy before you make a purchased.


Now please read the following info to know more about bottle brush. Hope you can find your favorite bottle cleaning tools below.


1. Premium Multiuse Baby Bottle Brush from cFone


This product contains 12-piece brushes. Material of those brush includes non-toxic nylon, sponge, food-grade PP and stainless steel. It helps every mom to clean baby bottle with ease and makes baby drink more safely. Besides,  It is convenient to hang up for easy storage or drying.

Although this baby bottle brush set is designed for baby's bottle, it is capable to handle other bottle types in easy ways. No matter what kind of drinkware you want to clean, you can always find a solution to do cleaning simply and thoroughly with those brushes. There is no doubt that this versatile brush kit can help you make any bottle or cup sparkling clean!  




◆ Including a long detachable handle, it helps you easily reach the bottom of the bottle.image.png

◆ Clean all major brands baby bottles, pacifier, kid cups, travel mugs and water bottles. 

◆ This bottle brush set cleans the entire internal surface of bottles, including hard-to-reach corners and bottoms.

◆ The straw brush helps you clean up dirt from lids.

◆ Perfect for cleaning bottom corners, angled edges, nooks and crannies. 

◆ The sponge cap is replaceable. Every package includes enough brushes for replacement.

◆ Hanging loop design for easy storage and space saving.


2. ArtiGifts Baby Bottle Brush


Each package has a bottle brush, nipple brush and straw brush. All the brushes are using to keep your bottle away from dirt and bacteria and good for your baby's health.




◆ The brush head was made of food-grade silicone. It is antibacterial, safe and green


◆ AG silicone bottle brush is a nice solution for quick and thorough cleaning of bottles.


◆ This heat resistant silicone brush can be cleaned in boiling water. Also, it is safe to put into a microwave.


◆ Work well to clean baby feeding bottles and water bottles.


3. Philips AVENT BPA Free Bottle Brush, Blue


Philips Avent Brush is versatile. It has a curved brush head, molded handle-tip and durable bristles, which help you to easily clean your baby feeding items. Furthermore, you can use it like a water bottle brush as well.





◆ The curved brush head of this for easy brush make it is easy to clean the rounded edges of baby milk bottles.


◆ Each brush has durable high density bristles for thorough cleaning. You need to brush gently with this cleaner. Otherwise there might be scratches on the bottles.


◆ This baby bottle brush is safe to wash in the dishwasher.


4. Long Bottle Brush Cleaner, Flexible Bottle Scourer


This brush performs well in small bottle washing. The little foam part won't take apart or fall off when you use this brush for cleaning. This product is flexible and sturdy.





◆ It has a big and wide brush cap and a long handle. You can use this thin water bottle brush to cleanse narrow neck water bottles and beer bottles.


◆ This brush is designed with a strong plastic handle.


◆ Multipurpose brush for cleaning teapots, canteens, glass jars, vases and thermos.

◆  Flexible and long for hard to reach places.

◆ Thin to fit narrow neck beer bottle, wine bottles, growlers and many hummingbird feeder openings.


5. BelgoFF Silicone Bottle Brush


This is another silicone brush for you. The silicone material ensures that this brush does not absorb fat and won't accumulate bacteria easily.





◆ The silicone brush is compact and firm, which make this scrubber more durable.


◆ 12in Long Handle and non-slip design give you more comfortable grip feeling.


◆ Flexible water bottle brush for you to clean up dirty spot inside of your bottles.


◆ It is capable of cleaning water bottle, baby bottle, beer bottle, wine bottle and travel mugs.

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