How to Roll A Cigarette with Cigarette Rolling Machine Easily

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Smokers can't stand life without cigarettes in their lives. However, cigarettes available on the market are of varying qualities. Some complain that pre-made cigarettes are either too harsh or inappropriate in width and length. Others are concerned about the unknown additives in the tobacco and unqualified cigarette paper. In addition, the growing cost of smoking drives them to turn to some alternatives, such as doing DIY by purchasing a cigarette rolling machine. Even with a cigarette roller in hand, in order to make a satisfying cigarette successfully, we should also learn about how a cigarette rolling machine work.  

Part 1: How does a Cigarette Rolling Machine Work?

How a Cigarette Rolling Machine Works

Before learning about how a cigarette rolling machine works, we have to know some necessary parts of it. The picture above on the right figures an electric cigarette rolling machine while the other is manual. They have something similar and something different, such as:

  • Chamber: places where you put your tobacco

  • Injector: the element of the electric cigarette rolling machine which will inject the tobacco into the cigarette tube

  • Cigarette tube: where the machine injects the tobacco

  • Cigarette paper: paper  that is used to pack the tobacco

how to roll a cigarette

Part 2: How to Roll A Cigarette with A Cigarette Rolling Machine?

The process of rolling a cigarette with a cigarette roller is simple. And the steps could be different depending on whether you use a manual or electric tobacco rolling machine. 

2-1: How to Roll A Cigarette with A Manual Cigarette Roller

If you have experience in rolling a cigarette, then a manual tobacco rolling machine could be a cost-effective investment. With a manual one, you could choose to press it hard or mildly to have a tight or loose cigarette as you like. Additionally, a manual cigarette rolling machine is usually in a small and compact size that you could take it with you anywhere. It is not as difficult as most people think, just make sure you've got these 3 things prepared: a manual rolling machine, a pack or can of tobacco, rolling papers. 

 Step 1  Open the rollers.

 Step 2  Put a sheet of rolling paper in the roller.

how to roll a cigarette with manual roller

 Step 3  Fill the roller with tobacco about to the top.

add tobacco to manual cigarette roller

 Step 4  Close the roller.

roll a cigarette with manual rolling machine

 Step 5  Roll the paper in towards you.

roll cigarette paper

 Step 6  Stop before rolling it all the way in so there is a little sticking out for you to lick it.

 Step 7  Continue to finish rolling the rest and you will get a cigarette. 

2-2: How to Roll A Cigarette with An Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

For a green hand, electric machines seem to be more user-friendly because they are easier and more convenient than manual ones, but they are also more expensive. However, as you are getting experienced, there is no such thing as which is superior. Electric rollers produce equal cigarettes and enable you to roll cigarettes in seconds. Of course, you will still need 3 essential items: an electric cigarette roller, tobacco, and cigarette tubes.

premier cigarette tubes

Premier king size full flavor cigarette tubes - 10 boxes (200 Tubes Each)

 Step 1  Connect the machine with current and start the machine. 

How to Roll A Cigarette with Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

 Step 2  Add your favorite tobacco evenly to the chamber.

add tobacco to chamber of electric roller

 Step 3  Place the cigarette tube in your favorable size(varies from King Size of 84mm to 100s of 100mm), and engage the machine to inject the tobacco into the cigarette tube.

put cigarette tube to electric roller

 Step 4  Pull a lever down or press the button. Then the injector takes the responsibility to fill the tube.

electric cigarette rolling machine

Part 3: Problems & Solutions of Starting Using a Cigarette Rolling Machine

An electric cigarette rolling machine could bring some problems even if you just need to place the tobacco and press the button, not to speak of a manual cigarette roller. For example, the cigarette could be packed too loose or too tight. The tube or paper could be broken or displaced during the packaging.  

To have a perfect cigarette, you have to make sure that you are putting proper amount of tobacco into the chamber and it is evenly distributed, even covering the corner. Try several times and you will find out how much is appropriate.

If your tube or paper is broken, check it out whether you have added too much tobacco or whether it is misplaced.

If your tube or paper keep being pushed off, you have to look at if the area where you place your tube is clear of tobacco or debris so that the machine could perfectly clamp the tube.

Part 4: What are the Best Cigarette Rolling Machine Options?

4-1: How to Roll A Cigarette with Electric Cigarette Roller?

If you are not good at manual operation, then an electric cigarette rolling machine would bring you more convenience and release you from jamming and overfilling problems. 

Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

This cigarette roller outruns other rollers and ranks the top on Amazon. You could choose to purchase a single machine or the entire package (including the machine, tubes and tobacco). It is compatible with the standard size, king and 100mm tubes. What makes this cigarette rolling machine stand out is the tobacco hopper which helps to constantly produce cigarettes without reloading tobacco again and again. The machine comes with useful tools for cleaning and long-term maintenance. If you are new to roll your own cigarettes, don’t worry because a detailed video is available. Unlike large equipment in the factory, Powermatic 2 PLUS is in a compact size for conveniently taking along with you everywhere. We have to admit that although it is highly efficient and effective, it is a bit more expensive than the average cigarette rolling machines. But the one-year warranty from manufacturers will make it worth the cost.

  • Usage: plunge an empty tube into the filler tip on the left. Next, raise the lever on the right and put proper amount of tobacco into the tobacco chamber. Press the fill button on the right and you will have your own cigarette.

TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Machine

TOP-O-Matic Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine

This cigarette rolling machine is produced by Top-O-Matic which is specially designed for making short or regular King size cigarettes. Top-O-Matic rollers used to be mechanical, but this one is now driven by electric motor. You can perfectly inject cigarettes with a one-touch button, which is really easy to operate. When you place your order, you will receive not only a cigarette rolling machine but also carrying case, 100-240v power adaptor (US Plug), tobacco tray, tamper, dust brush, nozzle brush and a cleaning rod. If your machine is stuck with dust or wasted tobacco, it will easily slow down or even break down. But no such worry about this one because of the extra chamber guard and cleaning tools provided. 

4-2: How to Roll A Cigarette with Manual Cigarette Roller?

Compared with an electric cigarette rolling machine, manual cigarette roller requires more steps, but it costs less while providing you with cigarettes almost of the same quality. Besides, with manual operation, you can produce more types of cigarettes you like, a little loose or tight, more herb or less.

Powermatic cigarette rolling machine

Powermatic Cigarette Rolling Machine

The spectacular Powermatic I is acknowledged to be an excellent, ergonomic and advanced manual cigarette crank injector. Compared with traditional manual injectors, this machine works in a totally different way. It not only improves in durability and stability but also allows users to produce cigarettes in a more efficient and convenient way. It can even cut off sticks and stems in moist and cheap tobacco. Powermatic I cigarette rolling machine applies precise elements instead of low-grade metal that can easily bend and get loose so that it could work smoothly for a long time. Rolling the crank to make your own cigarettes does not require a lot of power and stress, causing no harm to your shoulder and wrist. If you don’t use it, just fold down the crank for safety and storage. It is compatible with regular, King size or 100mm cigarettes tubes. The seller produces a one-year warranty so that you don’t have to worry about its durability. Just a reminder: be sure to take a few minutes and check out the video review above of the Powermatic I.

Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Another popular roller from Top-O-Matic. It is made of metal and stainless steel parts rather than a plastic body, which assures to be durable and lovely.  Although it is manually operated, you could also produce high-quality cigarettes fast and efficiently after you have tried several times. This cigarette rolling machine allows 100mm, regular, and King-size filtered tubes. It is equipped with an adjustable switch so as to release pressure from your shoulder. The manufacturer promises to provide a one-year warranty. It deserves purchasing if you are looking for a manual cigarette roller. 

RAW Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

RAW  Cigarette Rolling Machine

If you are in a limited budget but still wants the cigarette roller to be satisfying, this RAW Hemp plastic cigarette rolling machine could be a must-have. As it is cheaper than most of the rollers available in the market, you have to go through more steps by yourself before to make a cigarette. You have to slide the paper between tobacco and the chamber after you place it in, and manually roll the chamber until it is completely joint. You are suggested to carefully study the video instruction so that you could avoid some unnecessary steps.


It is known that smoking does no good to our health. We recommended a cigarette rolling machine to you not because we advocate smoking. The reason is that if you really feel like smoking, we would like you to make your own cigarette. At least you could choose as high-quality and secure tobacco and tubes as possible.

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