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Dogs are good friends of us human beings. Like human beings, it is in a dog’s nature to enjoy playing. When you enjoy his or her company, they also need to have their own toys. It is universally acknowledged that toys are good for babies’ brain development. Similarly, dog toys will help to cultivate the dogs’ mind, ease negative feelings or train their physical ability. Choose appropriate dog toys for your four-legged friends no matter for fun, for company, or for training. Read through this passage and it will tell you how to make a decision and what’s the best dog toys.

Part 1. How to Choose Dog Toys

Consumers always intend to choose indestructible toys for their dogs after they have so many dog toys gone. However, as we all know, dogs are born to have tough teeth, they have the potential to gnaw and destroy everything. So there is nothing that will never break down. Here, we define indestructible toys to be more durable, tougher and last for a longer time than other dog toys. Before heading to Amazon for a random dog toy, there is some knowledge of dog toys that you should learn about.

1.Types of Dog Toys

  • Balls

a must-have for fetch games

a rubber ball better than a basic tennis ball for dogs with hard teeth

Proper ball size in case of being swallowed 

  • Discs and other retrieving toys

for fetch games

more versatile than a ball with which you could change the speed and  direction

  • Plush toys

Best as comfort toys

Easy to be torn

Require regular cleaning-up

not long-lasting with aggressive chewers

  • Squeakies (non-plush)

Various shapes, sizes and durability owing to different materials

Thick rubber for aggressive chewers

Thinner vinyl or plastic toys for mild chewers 

  • Rope toys

Made of braided rope and sometimes rubber or plastic parts

For fetch, tug-of-war or simply mild chewing

Unfriendly to aggressive chewers

  • Tug toys

Best for cultivating dog's predatory nature

Great mental and physical exercise

The higher quality, the more durable

Possible to break in the middle of a game of tug-of-war, thus hurting someone

  • Floating toys

Great for dogs that love swimming

Usually made of a durable foam, rubber or plastic material

  • Food dispensing toys

Offer fun, mental stimulation

In various shapes and sizes made of durable rubber or plastic

  • Interactive Toys and Dog Puzzles

Involves dog parents and dogs together

Mentally train your dogs

2. What to Consider?

  • Choose toys that interest your dogs.

  • Take it into consideration that dogs’ teeth chewing and gnawing ability varies according to different age or life stage

  • Choose toys of different materials for aggressive or mild chewers

  • Choose toys with quality warranty or security certificate

Part 2: What Dog Toys to Choose?

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy

As we have to pay attention to safety and durability when we choose dog toys, a reputable brand could strengthen our confidence in their products. Kong Classic has set a golden standard for dog toys and taken up a dominant position in the market. The series applies unique all-natural rubber which is durable and resilient enough to satisfy dog’s needs to chew, play and so on. This classic one ranks the first on Amazon’s best dog toys list, also recommended by veterinarians and trainers around the world. The red color is so bright that it will easily catch your dog’s attention. With a hole at the bottom, owners could stuff some treats inside.

However, some might complain that the hole at the bottom is too big that small treats could fall out. Additionally, because of the hold, if you put it in water, it will be filled up with water and sink. 

Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

Nylabone DuraChew Ring Dog Toy

Dogs love chewing by nature. They might gnaw whatever in your house. They are not intended to destroy your books, clothes or worse, furniture, but they do it because of boredom, lack of exercise, loneliness, teething problems, or simply for attracting your attention. Nylabone, with the purpose of cultivating dogs’ proper chewing habits, applies tough, durable nylon to make dog toys, keeping dogs busy. Special design of nubs and ridges is good for cleaning the dog’s teeth. This chewing dog toy could give a delicious flavor that entices dogs from dangerous or precious things. Of course, you have more than one color options. Only one thing to pay attention: be careful not to step on it. I’m afraid that you would burst into tears.

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

Chuckit! Ultra Dog Toy Ball

Chuckit is not a common ball as dog toys. It is designed to be a favorable fetch ball because of its high bounce. This toy ball is made of natural rubber which is universally used to produce indestructible toys, thus preventing your lovely pets from chewing it off. If you are looking for floating dog toys for your dog who enjoys playing with water, so do not hesitate to take it. The bright orange color will enable you and your dog to spot it no matter in the park, pool or on the grass.

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chewing Dog Toy

Do you have an aggressive dog that urges to challenge other animals? If yes, then you are suggested to bring this dinosaur-shape dog toy to him/her which would certainly arouse his/her interest. The toy features dental nubs and bristles that would help clean your dog’s teeth. Even if he/she is a powerful chewer, the Nylabone Dental Dinosaur Chew would satisfy their needs and last for a long time. It is a nice mix of retriever bones and tough rubber toys. Don’t worry that your puppy would destroy it at the time when he/she gets it. If you have intimate knowledge of dinosaurs, there are several types for you to change, T-rex, Brontosaurus, or Stegosaurus.

HDP Kong Flyer

HDP Kong Flyer Dog Toy

Kong, with a favorable reputation in dog toys industry, is highly reliable among consumers. A flyer, known as one of the dogs’ favorite toys, revolves dog parents and dogs to have fun together. This Kong flyer is made of Kong classic rubber, which is durable enough to last for a long time. Rubber is a kind of soft material which is good for dogs’ teeth and gums. A flyer is more versatile in fetch games as you can fly it at different speed to different height from different direction to train your dog’s reaction and fetching ability. Attention, flyer is designed for games of fetch, so you had better not put it into your dogs’ mouth for chewing.

We go through customer reviews on Amazon and choose the best dog toys above for you. We hope that these indestructible toys would last as long as possible and do good to your lovely dogs as our lovely four-legged friends have also devoted to accompanying us or even protecting us.

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