Track and change location with Wechat on iPhone

Author:Livia | TIME:October 20,2017

WeChat is a popular used apps on most of smart phone. Users can take the app to face time with their friends as well as share the location with them. What`s more, you can also track one`s location if they don`t want to be found. Just turn on the location sharing feature then create a dialogue with the person you want to track.


Case 1. How do I know the locations or regions of my contacts?


Every single Wechat users can set their location or region on Wechat, which is helpful to know more people in the same location if they track you. You can also know the locations of your friends in your Wechat contacts.


1. Open “Contact” tab.


2. Choose the contact that you want to know.


3. Check her/his profile then you will see the category known as ‘Region”, that is where your friends located in.


Case 2. How do I change location on WeChat


If you have wrongly set your locations. You can easily change your location by the steps required as below.


1. Check your network first. Ensure you have connected to the correct Wi Fi and register your location


2. Clear up the caches as well as WeChat data


3. Back to “Settings” and change location. Your location will be changed automatically


4.Reinstall WeChat application on your iPhone if the option above fail.


Case3. How do I ensure my location privacy on Wechat?

As it is known to all, there are many privacy related to WeChat, it is important and necessary for you to delete the sensitive data such as the location to ensure your privacy safe. With cFone iOS Data Eraser, you can protect your privacy on Wechat according to what you need. The tutorials are similar to How do i delete kik on iPad iPhone.


If you want to delete WeChat Messages: Just delete the “Erase Private Data” mode. The article How to delete iPhone Wechat account contains more details.

If you need to delete WeChat attachments: All you WeChat attachments such as photos or video attachments will be deleted by one click with this tool permanently.

The previously deleted WeChat data as well as the Wechat private fragments are also able to be deleted and erased without any possible of recovery with cFone iOS Data Eraser.

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