How to Transfer My Data from Windows Phone to Android

Author:Jake | TIME:October 12,2017

Both Windows phone and Android phone have their own supporters. However, statistics shows that Android has more customers and is the most competitive rival of Apple. Nevertheless, we are not going to talk about which is good and which is less good. You may have seen too many comparison of Windows phone VS Android phone. My point is that you like it, you choose it.


You use Windows phone and maybe you want to switch to Android some day, and vice versa. Who knows? So if you want to make a switch, you would like data on your old phone be in the new device. If you’d ask yourself “ how can I transfer my data from one phone to another?”, then this article may be helpful for you. Contacts are important and should be the only thing that you would like always be with you.


To transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android, you can use a Microsoft account and a Google account. It can be done like this: Sync contacts from Windows phone to Microsoft account > Export contacts from Microsoft account to computer > Import contacts from computer to Gmail account > Sync Gmail contacts to Android. Well, it may looks a little complicated, but you can still do this by following below tutorials.

1. You need a Windows phone (
Lumia 830 for example), an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 for example), two USB cables, a computer, and an OneDrive account.
2. Internet access on your computer must be available.
3. Before transferring, please back up your contacts from Windows phone to OneDrive.

Part 1: Sync Winphone Contacts to Android via Outlook & Google Account

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android Directly

Part 1: Sync Winphone Contacts to Android via Outlook & Google Account

After you connect both phones to the computer via USB cable, you can then follow below.

Step 1 Sign In Outlook Live on PC

Please firstly go to the Outlook Live page and sign in your Windows Live account on your computer. 

Step 2 Export WinPhone Contacts to PC

On the main window, please click on "People" icon on the bottom of left pane. You need to continue to click on the drop-down menu of "Manager" and select "Export contacts". 

Then you should be able to see a pop-up window to export contacts to computer. Click on the "Export" button and it will automatically download contacts on your device in the form of .CSV file. 
transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android

Step 3 Transfer Contacts to Google Account

Now sign in your Gmail account on PC and in the interface, just press the drop-down arrow next to "Gmail" and then choose "Contacts", and click "More > Import > Choose File" and select the CSV file you create in Step 2.
transfer contacts from Windows phone to Google

After you select the CSV file, click the "Import" button to transfer the contacts to your Google account.

Step 4 Transfer Contacts from Google Account to Android

And on your Android device, go to "Settings > Accounts > Contacts" to import contacts. And when this is done, the contacts should be seen on your Android.
transfer contacts from Windows phone to Android

Part 2: Transfer Contacts from Windows Phone to Android Directly

If Solution 1 is too difficult for you, there is an alternative easy way - cFone Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer is a wonderful data transfer tool that helps you transfer various data types including contacts between mobiles phones running iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows phone. And it is extremely easy to operate.

Step 1: Connect Phones to Computer

After you start cFone Mobile Transfer on your computer, you will need to connect both mobile phones to the computer via USB cables. And now choose “Phone to Phone Transfer” in the user interface.

cFone Mobile Transfer


Step 2: Choose Data Types

Now you should choose data types that you want to transfer. You can select “Contacts” only if you don’t need to transfer other data.

transfer my data from Windows phone to Andorid


Step 3: Transfer Data

After you choose the data type, you can click the “Start Copy” button to start to transfer data from Windows phone to Android.

transfer my data from Winphone to Andorid 


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