What Is #ff on Twitter and How to Use It

Author:Jake | TIME:November 10,2017

Here again comes Friday! And when you open the Twitter app on your Android smartphone, have not ever noticed that it seems for you not being able to get on Twitter on every Friday, without seeing #ff? Are you being troubled by this and having such a question in mind: what is #ff?

What is #FF on Twitter

What is #FF on Twitter?

You may have seen the #ff hashtag on your Twitter friends' tweets. But what does it meant? As a matter of fact, the #ff hashtag means "Follow Friday" and is a signal of your support and recommendation of fellow Twitter users to your friends!

Each Friday, Twitter users use the Twitter hashtag #ff to recognize other Twitter users, called tweeters, that they follow in an online event known as Follow Friday. When you see a friend or entity you know share a Twitter user's screen name (for example, @Jake4Tse), with #ff following, you should know this is their way of sharing with the world that they not only approve of their tweet content but hope you will follow them on Twitter. 

How to Use #ff on Twitter?

To participate in, you don't need additional registration but with your Twitter account, you can use this Twitter hashtag. If you don't have a Twitter account yet, just go and sign up for an account for free. And once you're signed in with Twitter, you are ready to get started with your first Follow Friday:

1 Pick Some Friends or Followees

When you find something good and you want to share with others on Twitter, you can make them candidate for your #ff list. And copy their Twitter screen names down.

2 Prepare Your #ff Tweet

Now you should cook a new Tweet by typing in the screen names you just copied down. And remember to add the @ at symbol before each screen name and separate them with a comma.

3 Add Your #ff Hashtag

At last, add the #ff hashtag to the end of your tweet and make sure the characters won't go beyond the 280 limit.

Then if your Twitter friends see it, they would understand your purpose. It's easy to start off and without any doubt, #ff is a great way to recognize people whom you admire and recommend on Twitter.

Etiquette Guidelines for Follow Friday

Just like many other social media networks like Facebook, there are some etiquette guidelines for Follow Friday on Twitter. 

  • Give some thought to who you want to recommend, and why. If you are recommending one person, provide some information about what that person does and why you are recommending him or her.

  • It's ok to recommend multiple people in a #ff Tweet, but you do you may want to select a group of people that you follow that have something in common. By doing so, you'll be able to say something about the group that will help      your followers understand why you are recommending them.

  • DO NOT rush to include everyone you follow in #ff. It happens once a week, so you can always recommend another group next week!

That's all about Follow Friday. And Friday is coming, what content have you cooked for the #ff hashtag this week? Just enjoy it!

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