How to Use a Silicone Scrubber as A Simple and Convenient Pet Hair Remover

Author:Jo | TIME:January 31,2018

Here we would like to share you some tips about how to use a silicone scrubber as an effective pet hair removal brush. And we will also show you other 2 type tools of brushing off pet hair or lint.


What do you think of having a pet? Some people might think that pet should be avoided because the pet hair will cause allergies and asthma. For those families that own a cat or dog, they are required to clean their house with pet hair remover tools if someone who have allergy to cats or dogs is about to pay a visit to those families.


However, the above two problem never be the obstacles for the increasing number of having a pet at home.


Pets are our great friends and companions. They are lovely as well as beneficial to people. A research shows that kids who live in pet kept family have less risk of allergy to animals. Besides, pet hair removal is not that difficult. Even a simple silicone scrubber that is used in kitchen can help you get rid of pet hair.


Yes, you are not hearing things wrong. It is true that pet fur and lint can be easily and convenient clean up without using professional and expensive hair removal tools. In the rest of this article, we will post some hair cleaning brushtools for you. Those brushes will help you have a happy and handy life with your pet.


Reviews of Simple Pet Hair Removal Brush on Amazon


If you have pets, especially furry pets, face pet hair and pet hair removal will be absolutely in your daily routine. You will find fur on your couches, bed sheets and any other upholstery. Maybe you will deal with pet hair with some pet hair remover kit, which is costly and belongs to famous brand. And pet keeping will cost more money than you have ever imagined before.


For experienced pet keepers, hair removal brush is simple and affordable. They have a list of effective hair remover brush. Here we are going to share 3 brushes with you. Hope you like them.


1. Versatile Silicone Scrubber for Removing Pet Hair and Grooming Pet


This brush is made of silicone, which is soft and flexible. The product sold on Amazon contains 5 pieces of silicone sponge. Each sponge has double side soft bristles. Those bristles are very useful for hair clinging to. Since every silicone scrubber is soft enough, you don't need to worry about scratches left on the surface of the cleaned items.



In addition, this scrubber is a great tool for pet grooming. You can use it to comb, brush and massage your pet. Other helpful functions like dish washing make this silicone sponge product worth to purchase.


Amazing Features:

Affordable pet hair removal brush

Gentle enough for pet care

Won't hurt pet during grooming

Effective to remove pet hair, fur and lint

Magic multiusecleaning brushfor kitchen cleaning such as dish washing and fruit washing

Enable to act as a heat resistant coaster

Easy to clean and carry


2. 2-in-1 Pet Glove: Grooming Tool + Furniture Pet Hair Remover Mitt


The product is a grove that has silicone bristles. It fits comfortably on hand. There is an adjustable velcro strap so that it can fit many hand in different size. The glove won't be easy not slip down while grooming.



You can use it to collect hair from furniture, carpets and fabrics. Then you will have a clean house with your pet around you.


Good Features:

Nicepet hair remover for clean up loose pet hair and tangles

Great grooming glove

Nice for sensitive and young pets


3. Pet Grooming Gloves 2-in-1 Combo


Made of durable TPR rubber material, this product is designed as a hair removal brush for pet loimage.pngvers to remove the dead hair from pet as well as remove hair, lint or dirt from your carpets, furniture, auto, clothes and upholstery.


Great Features:

Soft and comfortable silicone scrubber

Convenience for storage after use

Easy to clean

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