How to Use Virtual Reality Goggles with DJI Drones

Author:Jake | TIME:October 20,2017

FPV goggles are great to capture things, but they can cost you from $600 USD to $1000, let alone the best FPV goggles that requires more. Besides, using a FPV goggles does not allow you to control the drone with your body motion. However, below in this article we will offer another way that lets you use body motion to control a drone such as DJI Phantom 3 Pro, at a much lower price.


Compared with FPV goggles, this way is more immersive because you can easily make the drone rotate and make the camera move up and down with your body motion. It gives you a great flying experience as if you are flying in the sky while being able to move around and enjoy the broad view. The 3D experience just makes you feel real.


Where to get a VR headset:

VR headsets are easy to get, they are available on eBay or Amazon. The price is rather reasonable from several to thirty bucks. Of course you can get high quality headset if you are willing to pay more. And you can also buy good virtual reality goggles from the best VR glasses.


What else do you need?

To get your virtual reality goggle to work with a DJI drone, you will need an app call DJI GO. You can go the Play store or App store to download this app to your mobile phone.





How to set it up:

1. Now you have the VR goggles and the DJI GO app, you can start your remote and then the aircraft.

2. Plug in your device and launch the app. Make sure you are connected to the internet for first launch as the DJI SDK has to verify through DJI's server, usually in 3rd part apps. 

3. Once you have video feed, click options and turn head tracking on. Make sure you calibrate the compass by flipping the function switch on the remote 6-9 times until the lights turn yellow on the aircraft.

4. Once you take off, put on your VR headset. (make sure you have a spotter) You can toggle the C1 switch to view the camera on the phone so you know where you are stepping, and then toggle the C2 to take a 3D screen shot. 

Note: If you want to view aircraft stats, just look into the sky or point your head up. And if you want to have the best 3D view, make sure you are flying sideways.

5. When you are ready, switch your controller into F mode. Now you can move around and your aircraft will rotate with you in response to your move of your body. You can look up and down to capture views.

Note: When in F mode, you are not allowed to move that sticks until you switch out. However, CSC command will still work!


And that’s it, when you are done with the flying, you will get amazing screenshots or video clips shot by the virtual reality goggles with the help of DJI drone.

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