Fix why won't my iPhone iCloud back up completely

Author:Livia | TIME:November 09,2017

Have you ever been through the occasion that you noticed that your iPhone won`t back up to iCloud itself for a long time and you have no idea what to do and what happen. Maybe you have tried to back up iPhone to iCloud manually but you can`t make it. You must want to ask "why my iPhone won`t backup to iCloud" and "Nobody can fix it out?" Just take it easy. You need to understand that you are not the only one that is going through the situation of "why won`t my iPhone back up to iCloud" or "the last backup could not be completed". Here in this article, we will particular talk about why won`t my iphone backup to icloud.


Method1. Why won`t my iPhone back up? Check your WiFi.


You need to know that iPhone won`t back up to iCloud without WiFi connection. Just follow the steps below to check out the WIFi connection in order to fix out why won`t my iPhone back up to iCloud.


1.Go to "Settings" on iPhone-> Tap the button of "WiFi".


2.Choose the WiFi network you want to connect to.


3.Enter its password if it ask then choose "Join".


4.Back to "Settings" and choose "your name" at the top of the screen.


5. Choose "iCloud"-> select and turn on "iCloud Backup"


6.Choose "Back Up Now". Then your question of why won`t my iPhone back up to iCloud will be solved.


Method2. Why won`t my iPhone back up? iCloud Storage is not enough.


If there is no problem with the WIFI connection, check out if iCloud storage is full and manage it by doing the following:


1.Open the Settings on your iPhone.


2.Tap your name at the top of the screen and choose iCloud.


3.The status of your iCloud storage will be presented at the top of this menu.


4.Tap on an app below to manage its iCloud storage such as delete some back up files, or pay for more iCloud storage space by choosing Upgrade. Then you can back up iPhone to iCloud with the steps of Method 1.Thus, you can fix out why won`t my iPhone back up to iCloud.


Method3. Why won`t my iPhone back up? Try to backup iPhone in iTunes and DFU restore


You can choose this method to fix why won`t my iPhone back up to iCloud. To use iTunes and DFU restore, you need to connect iPhone to a computer and back it up with iTunes.


1.Connect your iPhone to your computer using the provided USB cable and open iTunes.


2.Click the iPhone at the top of the iTunes screen.


3. Click ”This computer under the Automatically Back Up header”.


4.Tap “Back Up Now” to backup your iPhone to iTunes.


After your backup has completed, just watch the video to restore your iPhone with DFU mode.


This should be your last choice if you don`t want a third party tool to fix "why won`t my iPhone back up to iCloud" because it will erase all of your data. Actually, you can also choose cFone iPhone Data Transfer to solve "why won`t my iPhone back up" without any files lost. Let`s take the example of "why won`t my iPhone photos back up to iCloud".


Method4. Why won`t my iPhone back up? Try cFone iPhone Data Transfer.

cFone iPhone Data Transfer focus on transferring the photos on iPhone to iCloud with easy click without files losing, so you can easy solve the problem of why won`t my iPhone back up.

1. Download, install and launch cFone iPhone Data Transfer on your PC and connect iPhone to computer > Select Device Content > Locate to category management page > Choose Photos > Camera Roll.


Step 2. Select the photos you want to backup > Tap Upload to iCloud icon. Click Send to Mac/PC icon to download the pictures to computer is also alternatively.



With these 4 methods I think you can solve the endless thought why won`t my iPhone back up.


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