How to use drain cleaner to unclog drain

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Drain cleaner or ways to clean drain is always a common confusion for many house. Nobody can stand out the smells from a clogged drain from toilet or thousands of freaky hair plugging in the kitchen sink. You may notice that “how to do with the foul odor or the plugs” and “what are the best drain cleaner for a clogging”are 2 mainly questions in most of places on the Internet.

Based on the experiences of so many house owners as well as the professional pipeline cleaners, here we will list you 4 parts about the best drain cleaner to ease your home, including drain clogged signals, how to make drain cleaned in the best way (drain cleaner in chemical as well as DIY) maintenances for unclogged drains and how to avoid clogging again.

Part 1.Signals for a drain cleaner

Part 2.How to use drain cleaner to unclog pipe

2-1.List of best drain cleaners in Amazon

2-2.Best drain cleaner overall

2-3.Best drain cleaner for septic system

2-4.Best drain cleaner for bathroom & kitchen

2-5.Best drain cleaner for toilet

Part 3. Best drain cleaner DIY for slightly clogged

Part 4. How to avoid drain cleaner again and daily drain maintenance

Part 1. Signals for a drain cleaner

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Actually, it can be kind of late for you to know your toilet is clogged, especially when you are staying together with friends. Before we start, it`s necessary for us to figure out clearly about other signals for needing drain cleaner.

*Water backs up in sink or bubbles in toilet.

*Leaking from tub or shower drain or a slowly drain in bathroom.

*Gurgling noises or smells of musty or rotting food from drains in kitchen or water sink.

*Hard to finish a water cycle or something stands water in dishwasher.

Smells or plugs are 2 common signals for needing a drain cleaner. If you have one of or similar to what we mentioned above, keep reading and we will show you the best drain cleaner for slight and stinky clogged.

Part 2. How to use drain cleaner to unclog pipe

No matter of the smell or blocking pipe , you need to get the best drain cleaner in time to avoid the drain breaking down. Drain cleaner DIY is good choice for slightly partly drain clogged. When it becomes heavier like a fully clogged, the strong best drain cleaners we list you with high rated are your remedy, which also are the necessary daily cleaning supplies for your home and kitchen.

2-1. List of best drain cleaners in Amazon

The hair, paper, wasting food, soap scum and grease are 5 culprits for drain clogging happens in your home septic system, toilet, bathroom and kitchen. As a result, we will list you 10 drain cleaners on Amazon with high customer rated in the following part that are your best remedy for stinky dredging.

Drain cleanerCapacityTypeTimeRatedPrice
Pure Lye1.0 lbPowder2-5 min4.2

Check Price

Bio clean2.0 lbPowder20-25 min4.2Check Price
Whink32.0 fl ozLiquid5-10min


Check Price
Drano Drain32.0 fl ozThe people15-45min


Check Price

Green pig

4.2 lbPowder15-30min


Check Price
Trift2.0 lbPowder1-5min4.7Check Price
Drano Max80.0 fl ozThe people15-30 min4.3Check Price
Xion Lab32 OzLiquid30 min4.4Check Price
Green Gobbler32 OzLiquid15-45 min4.1Check Price


24.0 fl oz


15-30 min

4.5Check Price

2-2. Best drain cleaner overall

#1. Pure Lye Drain Opener

Pure lye drain cleaner.pngThe pure lye drain opener is suitable for everywhere with clog in your home, such as drains, grease traps, septic system, root, plastic, chrome trim, which is the best drain cleaner for built-up clogs, grease, hair, soap scum that plugs in your drain.

Ease of use

1.Warm up the clogging drain firstly with hot water

2.Pour 1 cup of pure lye into the drain

3.Wash away with hot water after 1 minutes

Pros: Non-acidic, bio-degradable, odorless, free from toxic, hazardous dyes;

Cons: Some dust will produced after the first time use

check price & price at Amazon.png

#2. Bio-clean Drain

Bio-clean Drain.pngBio clean drain is best choice for all sewer pipes & drains, which is good at digesting grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton, sewage that staying your sewer pipes or drains.

Ease of use

Mix 1 spoon pure lye with 17 ounces water into the clogged drain, wash away after 10 minutes later.

Pros: Usage can last for long time and enough for up to 100 drains cleaning.

Cons: 6-8 hours is necessary for some limited drain system

check price & reviews at Amazon.png

2-3. Best drain cleaner for septic system

#1. Whink

Wrink drain cleaner for hair.png

As the best drain cleaner for septic system, Whink is also talented at soap scum and hair digesting that is safe for pipes and septic system.

Ease of use

Pour in the drain opener to the question drain directly, wash away with hot water after 5-10 minutes.

Pros: High capacity, easy to use, excellent job with few time and odorless.

Cons: Without enough strength for stinky clogged, limited in hair clog-free.

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

#2. Drano Professional

Drano strength professional drain cleaner.pngBesides for shower drain cleaner, you can also take Drano Professional to dredge away the clogging in your septic systems, plastic, PVC, metal pipes, garbage disposals, which will work amazing in digesting all types of toughest clog in 15-45 minutes.

Ease of use

16 ounces of this drain opener slowly into the pipe, flush with hot water after 15-30 minutes.

Pros: Best for shower, good for hair, easily for cleaning the stinky clogs

Cons: Not for toilet,capacity is not durable

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

#3.Reasonable price-Thrift

Thrift drain cleaner.pngThe drain opener of Thrift is always with a reasonable price and amazing job. It is bio-degradable and best for liquefying hair and grease that happens in your drains, sewer lines, grease traps, septic systems.

Ease of use

1.Warm up the pipes with hot water

2.Pour 1 cup of Thrift into the questioned pipe with 2 cups of hot water

3.Wash away with hot water after 1-5 minute

Pros: Safe for chrome-plated sink and kitchen

Cons: Can`t work perfectly without hot water

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

2-4. Best drain cleaner for bathroom & kitchen

#1. Drano Max Gel

Drano max gel drain cleaner.pngAnother choice from Drano that is well known for drain dredging with hair and soap scum in shower and bathroom sink.

Using attention

You`d better close the door and keep window opening when this drain cleaner is working for its flavor will diffuse.

Pros: Best for shower clogging with hair or soap scum

Cons: Smelly, not good at food waste and grease

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

#2. Xion Lab Fast-Acting Drain Opener

Xion Lab drain cleaner.pngThe Xion Lab drain cleaner is famous for high 13pH and proprietary chemistry, which is also the best choice for safe. It is best for digesting hair, grease that happens in industrial strength pipe, tub, sink, shower, bath tub and kitchen.

Ease of use

1.Pour 16 oz. (1/2 bottle) slowly into the drain with question lasting for 30 minutes

2.Wash away with hot water

Pros: Safe, odorless & non toxic, better use in bathroom and kitchen

Cons: Won`t effect for tough clogs and completely handling.

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

2-5. Best drain cleaner for toilet

#1.Green Gobbler DISSOLVE

Best enzymatic drain cleaner.png

The Green Gobber Dissolve is the best drain cleaner for enzymatic, which works excellent in slow tub or sink, toilet, shower clogging with grease, hair, soap scum, fats, sludge, q-tips, toilet paper.

Pros: Best enzymatic choice for bathroom, safe and more soft

Cons: Not for complete drain unclogging

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

#2. RID-X Septic Tank

RID-X drain cleaner.pngRID-X is also an effective drain cleaner for all pipes & septic tanks that is plugged with organic waste, grease, soaps, and paper, especially best for toilet.

Ease of use

1.Shake the RID-X bottle before using everytime

2.Pour 8 OZ to the toilet or pipes and wait for about 15 min

3.Wash away with water

Pros: Best for toilet and effective for septic waste

Cons: Need to check for tight cap before shaking

Check price & Reviews on Amazon.png

Part 3. Best drain cleaner DIY for slightly clogged

To DIY drain cleaner by combos of baking soda, the following 3 types work excellent for partly drain dredging:

DIY drain cleaner.png

*1/2 cup of vinegar + 1/2 cup of baking soda to drains staying overnight then wash away with hot water

*1 cup of salt + 1 cup of baking soda + 4 part of boiling water for overnight, wash away with hot water

*1 cup of baking soda +1 cup of salt + sort of tartar cream, pour in the mixture to the pipe and wash away with hot water after 1 hour

*1 cup of baking soda + 1 cup of soda ash+ 1 cup of hot water, make the mixtures stay in drain for 1 night and flaunt it with hot water

Pop DIY drain cleaner..png

*Pop DIY drain cleaner. The phosphoric acid in pop is good for drain cleaning. Take 2L Pop then pour into the pipe for 1 or 2 hours, then wash drain with hot water.

Part 4. How to avoid drain cleaner again and daily drain maintenance

Daily maintenances for drains in your house is necessary, especially we got plugged. Moreover, getting drain out of clogging is not easy, we also need to know what are not good for drain operation as well as the area that we will miss easily. If you don`t want to get clogged again, remember never or don`t leave the items below to your drain as possible as you can.

*Coffee grounds

*Egg shells


*Dental floss

*Wet wipes

*Cat Litter

*Foods like asparagus , artichokes, carrots, celery or any other that comes with fibrous

Daily maintenance for drains

Weekly by pouring a half boiling water of the pot down to drain and pour the rest after 5 minutes.

Monthly by enzymatic cleaner like the Green Gobbler DISSOLVE drain cleaner we mentioned in this article

Seasonal maintenance by 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of vinegar with the hot water down the drain.

For drains with disposal,through mixture of sharping ice cubes and slicing orange peels regularly.

House owner should be pay attention to the signals of drain plugging and follow our maintenances regularly for drains. You are not the only one that should face to the factor of drain clogging, but you are the lucky one to get rid of them from your house with our best drain cleaner remedies in this article. Just pick one and keep clog-free to live better!

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