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When we need to go out for work or have a date with our friends or lovers, we are used to make up with our heart to celebrate the precious moment. However, you can`t ignore that how cleansing important for yourself when you go back home. To keep your face clean and soft, having the best specific facial cleansing brush can`t be missed out. As we know, cleaning deep through on our face is one and the most important mission for the facial cleansing brush. So how can you get the best facial cleansing brush from the thousands of ads of facial cleansing brush? Don`t panic, here we have collected 9 best facial cleansing brush sellers on amazon beauty and personal care. 

#1.OKACHI GLIYA Electric Facial Cleansing Brush



1.Professional Facial Cleansing System                                                  

2.Waterproof and Inductive Charging

3.Multifunctional Brush Head

4.Easy Operation

5.Best Idea Gift with Great Quality Assurance                          

image.pngPackage Content:                                       

Facial Brush  x 1

Brush Head for Normal Skin(Pure White) x 1

Brush Head for Sensitive Skin(Yellowish) x 1  

Power Plug   x 1        

Charging Line X 1

Pedestal  X 1

User Manual  x 1                    

image.pngHow to use OKACHI facial cleansing brush

Step1: Apply cleanser directly to skin or to the brush head.

Step2: Wet the brush head and cleanser.

Step3: Turn on the brush and select desired mode.

Step4: Place brush to forehead, cheeks and chin while gently moving the brush in small circular motions.


How to charge OKACHI facial cleansing brush:

1.Put the facial cleansing brush on the base, and insert the charger into the power plug.

2.Hold the charger near the brush and magnets snap into place automatically.

3.The blue light will intermittently blink while charging and it will turn off automatically when fully charged.

#2.Clarisonic Mia 1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System




Oscillation Technology

Gentle proved by being dermatologist tested for gentleness and suitable for sensitive skin types.

Cleansers & Brushes


Package of content:

Mia 1 Cleansing Brush;


Sensitive Cleansing Brush Head;

Refreshing Trial Size Gel Cleanser, 1 fl. oz.;

Travel Case.

image.pngHow to use Clarisonic Mia 1 Facial Cleansing Brush

Step 1: Apply cleanser directly to skin or to the Clarisonic brush head.

Step 2: Wet the brush head and cleanser.

Step 3: Place brush to forehead and turn on.

Step 4: Select desired speed.

#3.Clarisonic Mia 2, 2 Speed Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush




1.The long-wear make up can be removed away;

2.Remove away the proe-clogging dirt deeply through;

3.The age accelerating pollution will be erased out;

4.With the Mia 2 cleansing facial brush, the smooth radiant skin will be created;

5.The less visible proes can be added to your face;

6.Ingreased product absoption can be created by this one of the best facial cleansing brush.

image.pngPackage contents:

Mia 2 Cleansing Brush;


Radiance Cleansing Brush Head;

Refreshing Gel Trial Size Cleanser,1 fl oz

How to use the mia 2 best facial cleansing brush?

The same way as the mia 1.

#4.Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift 2-in-1 Cleansing Massage Device




1.Target the 15 Signs of Aging for Lifting and Firming

2.Cleanse Oil, Makeup, and Sunscreen 6x Better Than Hands Alone

3.Flawlessly Apply Foundation with Sonic Foundation Brush

4.Easy to Use With only 3 minutes in the morning and evening

5.Exfoliate for an All Over Body Cleanse

image.png6.Warranty With 2 Year

Package contents           

Smart Profile Uplift Massage Device;


Radiance Cleansing Brush Head;

Radiance Massage Head;

Refreshing Gel Trial Size Cleanser,1 fl oz

Click picture below to know how to use 


#5,SKINFUN IPX7 Facial Cleansing Brush




1.Remove make up and dirt through

2.Clean proes effectively

3.Exfoliate skin and dead skin

4.Remove blackhead helpfully

5.Make it more better to adsorb nutrients of your beauty cream

5.Reveal more youthful and brighter skin

6.Suitable for all skin type


Package contents:


Facial Cleansing Brush Head

Body Cleansing Brush Head

Sponge Head

Pumice Stone

Metal Massage Attachment

Click Video picture below of how to use and customer review:


#6.Electric 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Brush Massager




1.Unique Design

2.Multi Head & Function

3.Deep cleansing

4.Facial massage

image.pngPackage includes:

1X main product handle

1X extra gentle brush head

1X exfoliating brush head

1X natural foam brush head

1X Base

1 X USB line

1X instruction

Click Video picture below of how to use and custmer review:


#7.ETEREAUTY Body Facial Cleansing Brush 




1. Makeup sponge for removing makeup and gentle surface cleansing.

2. Small short-bristle brush for gentle, thorough cleansing of pores.

3. Small long-bristle brush for more intense cleansing and mild exfoliating.

4. Pumice pad for gently removing calluses from elbows and feet.

5. Large brush for body, hands and feet.


Package contents:


Crude polish accessory

Pumice applicator

Short soft brush

Long ultra-fine brush

Large brush head

Click video picture below of how to use and customer review 


Just take these credible best facial cleansing brush from amazon best sellers in beauty and personal care. No matter which one you choose as your best facial cleansing brush, remember the tips that before first use, please ensure device has been charged for a full 24 hours.

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