Reviews of Best Windshield Wiper Blades

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Part 1: What is a Windshield Wiper?

Part 2: Reviews of 5 Best Wiper Blades

Part 3: Best Windshield Wipers Buyer Guide

Part 1: General Introduction of Windshield Wiper Blades

Owning a car can bring great convenience - you no longer need to spend more time waiting for the bus or keep hands up for a taxi. Yet you need to spend time on car maintenance in return. And windshield wiper blades for your car are a necessity, and the best wiper blades are vital for the sake of safety. 

best wiper blade reviews

What is a windshield wiper?

Windshield wipers are a set of blades(usually in pair) to keep the windshield clean so you can have clear vision in front. Wiper blades in good shape can wipe the windshield clear, thus avoiding safety problem and car accident. They can help stand up to bad weather. No matter if it is raining or snowing, the best windshield wipers are able to provide you high visibility as in good weather condition. 

In addition to weather, wiper blades have the capability to clear off strips, dirt, debris, and even bugs. This is more important if you often drive along rural sandy or muddy road. Of course, these blades are useful in many other circumstances. However, do not take them for granted - do not just think of the windshield wiper only when you need them. Make sure that they work anytime! If you find your wiper blades get old and bad, it’s high time you replaced them with new kit. And below are our selections of 5 best wiper blades after researching and testing a dozen of products, in which way we hope to provide you the right choice. 

Part 2: Best Wiper Blade Reviews

Bosch Wiper Blades - ICON 26A

If you’d ask which is the best wiper blade for cars in 2018, Bosch ICON 26A should be the one to ring the bell. The answer is not given by us but statistics and the buyers we’ve interviewed. With thousands of customer ratings on Amazon, the Bosch ICON 26A wiper blade is no doubt ranked as the top pick.

What make the Bosch ICON 26A one of the best wiper blades is not only its reputable brand, but also its undisputed quality and strong wiping ability, as well as other adorable features. The FX dual rubber that resists heat and ozone deterioration makes it last longer than other premium blades while its smooth design guarantees no scratch on the windshield. No matter it is in the hot summer or freezing-cold winter, the Bosch ICON windshield wipers can make sure you have a clear view. 

The wiper blade set is easy to install and you can do it all by yourself rather than pay another amount for installation service. It comes with an equipment-quality hook adapter that helps you install very easily. The Bosch ICON series also provide other models in different sizes, including the 24A, 22B and 20B wiper blade.

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper BladesPros:

Exclusive fx dual rubber                                    

Easy installation with original equipment-quality hook adapter      

Patented beam design 

Exclusive tension spring arcing technology

Flexible asymmetric spoiler


More expensive

Only for new cars


Michelin Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blades

Coming with various models, Michelin wiper blades are designed with Smart Flex technology to adapts to the windshield curve. They can provide you a long-lasting wiper performance even in harsh weather. 

This wiper blade features a sleek aerodynamic cover that prevents it from getting stuck with debris, ice, and snow, which means you can drive through any kind of weather. Its independent suspension adjusts to windshield shape creates strong contact from end to end of wiper blade so it can remove everything that might decrease visibility. 

Thanks to the EZ Lok connector system, there is no need to worry about installation of these best wiper blades. You can get it installed easily and quickly right after removing your old windshield wiper.

Michelin Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blades


Delivers up to 300000 wipe cycles

Convenient EZ Lok connection system

Durable frame and squeegee

Independent suspension system


Grab windshields (high friction)


Valeo Frameless ULTIMATE All-Season OE Replacement Wiper Blades

As one of the best OEM windshield wiper manufacturers, Valeo has been providing high quality wiper blades such as the Ultimate 900 series. The new Tec3 advanced rubber technology offers quiet wipe and extends the life-span of the wiper blades. Its aerodynamics applied to the integrated spoiler provides a high-speed performance, while the blade-to-windshield pressure to the integrated flexors ensures strong cleaning ability.  

This series come in multiple sizes for different needs, with each providing optimum visibility and long-lasting, durable performance. And just as its description indicates, this blade is perfect for any weather condition despite of seasons. And it’s easy to replace without requiring too much adapting. Another reason we put it in the list is the affordable price.

Valeo Wiper Blades


Extra-flat aerodynamic profile

Tec3 rubber technology

Beam-style design for all-season performance

Wide compatibility to most cars

Low price


The sharp edges might often cause injuries to people


ANCO 31-Series Wiper Blades

If you are looking for best windshield wipers to replace the old wipers, then the ANCO windshield wipers should be a great choice. Made in conventional form, the ANCO 31-series offers many sizes from 10’’ to 28’’ and can stand to heavy winter weather conditions. The Duraklear rubber compound can ensure a consistent streak-free wipe so you can have a clear vision through the windshield. And the vented bridge and high performance polymer give it OE fit and function. 

When you expect an easy installation or replacement, the KwikConnect Installation System of the ANCO wiper can just do you a big favor. Apart from above features, there is another important reason for its popularity - the low price. Who would say no to something great at low cost? 

ANCO 31-Series Wiper Blades


Cradles most windshields well

KwikConnect installation system

DuraKlear rubber compound

Heavy-duty frame (covered)

Vented bridge improves fit


It may be squeaky after several months


PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blades

Unlike other beam wipers designed for heavy winter conditions, PIAA wiper blades are unique design of silicone. Featuring a conventional bracket design, the rubber of these silicone wiper blades is made of water-repellent silicone, and can resist wear and damage from UV and sunlight exposure. And that’s why they can last longer than most wiper blades. The aerodynamic frame with equal pressure points ensures quiet and streak-free wiping.

PIAA Super Silicone Wiper Blades


Aerodynamic and corrosion-resistant frame

Excellent conventional bracket wiper

Instant water beading action for clearer vision

Water-repellent silicone coats Windshield


Not suitable for heavy winter weather


Part 3: How to Choose the Best Wiper Blades?

Now you’ve known what a windshield wiper blade is, and I think you should be aware of the important of the wiper blades. Apart from the above gear of above wiper blade reviews, there are a lot of other options available in the market, so how to choose the best wiper blades for your car? What features should be considered? Below we’ve assembled the main factors you can refer to.

#1 Weather & Condition

If you expect your car would often go through heavy winter condition, make sure the wiper blades you are about to choose are able to stand against the heavy winter weather. On the contrary, check if the windshield wiper endures hot summer days when temperature might “melt” the blades. Our advice is choose all-weather blades so they can work great and last longer under all weather conditions.

#2 Blade Type

In general, wiper blades have two types: framed and bracketless blades.

  • Framed Blades: These are the traditional design of wiper blade and they have a steel frame in design; that’s why they get the name. Though the arcs can offer pressure on places along the blade length and helps the blade stick tightly onto the windshield, they don’t provide sustaining pressure along the arc of the blade(just at certain points). 

  • Bracketless Blades: Sometimes also called beam blades. The beam can create pressure at the arc. This type of windshield wiper is the best for winter because snow and ice would not pile up on the blade.

Now there is a combined type - the Hybrid blade that provides advantages of both framed and beam blades.

#3 Blade or Squeegee Materials

Most wiper blades are made of rubber (or coated rubber) and silicone. 

  • Rubber Blades: This type is flexible and can help keep the glass clear, but the rubber does not last for long and gets cracked easily. But now there are wiper blades that are made from rubber coated with protective materials.

  • Silicone Blades: Compared with rubber, silicone is more durable and can stand up awful weather while providing the same level of flexibility as rubber.

#4 Size

Most best wiper blades offer various sizes for different windshield. So before you place order, measure the blade size and check the specifications of the wiper you choose.

#5 Ease of Installation

Just like a GPS navigation system, getting a windshield wiper that is easy to install can save you a lot of trouble or even save your budget on hiring an installation professional. Good news is that now most wiper blades have adapters to help you install the blades without trouble. 

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