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Best electric roaster guide 2018.png

Part 1. List of electric roaster Amazon well-selected

Part 2. Electric roaster buying considerations

Part 3. Electric roaster recipes

The electric roaster can be the savior for a busy kitchen especially there is going to a big gathering in your house. Moreover, as a helpful efficient must-have in kitchen, we all like the conveniences the electric roaster gives up that can create an amazing meal in very short time, especially for lazy. Many of us are familiar with that electric roaster is used for turkey, actually the usage is more than that. In this guide, we will show you how to make the various of perfect recipes by using electric roaster, how to clean electric roaster. But first of all, you need to know how to buy the best electric roaster if you don`t have one!

Part 1. List of electric roaster Amazon well-selected

Elelctric RoasterQuart



Adult    servingsTurkey  sizeCooking Timeat 325FStuffing cupRates
Oster CKSTRS23-SB22450F13203h124.5/5.0
Rival RO18018
Hamilton Beach      3222922
Nesco 4818-25PR18
Nesco 4818-1418

There are 5 best electric roasters we chose from Amazon based on numerous of reviews, tests and comparison which are available and multifunctional for almost the common roasts that you don`t need to pay a drama price. Now let`s take the details of each one of them.

1. Oster CKSTRS23-SB electric roaster-Best for all roasts

Best electric roaster for all roasts.png

Best electric roaster guide 2018.png

Oster CKSTRS23-SB is well known among many families. Actually, this electric roaster is what we recommended for almost the easy and complicate tasks including roasts, bakes or slow cooks as its large capacity of 22 lbs that is enough for a turkey with 26 pounds. Moreover, its powerful self basting lid inside (from 150 degrees to 450 degrees) and buffet set are helpful for heat circle, temperature and fresh keeping. You can just put the meal you want on the pan taken out from the rack inside the electric roaster, set the time and temperature followed by the recipes and wait. About the way to clean, add hot water and heat for 30 minutes, take soap then wash away.


Durable materials

Suitable for almost of places

Available for various of food 


Stainless steel outer body 

Enamel will flake with long time used

2. Rival RO180-Best electric roaster on budget

Best electric roaster on budget.png

Best electric roaster guide 2018.png

Rival RO180 is our best electric roaster on budget, for the complete functions and features with  slight weight and small size compared to others. Moreover, the roaster pan can be also as a serving tray beyond to be a roaster pan. With the temperature of 150 degrees to 450 degrees, you are able to make a slow roast or searing, also perfect for big batches of soup, chili and Sloppy Joes. The buffet server is optional, which comes with a large container and 2 small containers, also includes the plastic lids for storage that are water acceptable and non-stick. With a size of 18 quarts, this oven is perfect for food with small or big size in the recipes. If you are a beginner of cooking, this electric roaster oven enables you the simple roast, to bake for whole family or cook full scale dinners.


Efficient cooking

Adorable price with multiple functions


Hot mittens should be used

Electrical outlet are necessary

3. Hamilton Beach 32229-Best electric roaster for use

Best electric roaster for use.png

Best electric roaster guide 2018.png

Another electric roaster with high rated on Amazon that is praised with the big capacity of 22 quarts. With the available low and high temperature among 150 degrees and 450 degrees, you can take this oven for various of cooking by following the recipes (an additional recipe will come with this oven) such as cooking, serving, baking, boiling soup and casserole. The steel outside will always keeps cool even if during the roaster procedure so just get rid of the worry of being scald. What`s more, the simple operation with an adjustable single temperature knob enables you the minimal job, all you need to do is to prepare the ingredients and set the temperature it need, then your smart oven will take the rest perfectly.


Durable usage

Intelligent cooking by itself


Insert rack will be hot

Moisture might occur to steam

Without buffet set in 22 quarts

4. Nesco 4818-25PR- Best for heat cycling

Best electric roaster for heat cycling.png

Best electric roaster guide 2018.png

As you can see, the this is famous for the circle of heat among all of the electric roasters in the market. The temperature ranges from 150 degrees to 450 degrees enables makes it a functional oven for various of recipes including roasting, baking, cooking, slow cooking or steaming of food. The heat circling technology makes a perfect taste cause the heat will be evenly even if at its highest degrees. The roaster pan is removable that will save you time for transferring in a busy kitchen, also easy to clean. Moreover, if you focus on the quality more, all the appliance is made to the highest standard with the stainless steel base and qualified thick coated steel pan. Moreover, this roaster is perfect portable if you want to have a big meal outside.


Easy to clean

Heating technology makes perfect taste

Adjustable temperature


Unable to boil

Limited cooking size

Without buffet serve purchase

5. Nesco 4818-14-Best electric roaster for money

Best electric roaster for money.png

Best electric roaster guide 2018.png

Another best choice for money. This electric roaster has the adjustable temperature from 150 degrees to 450 degrees and can swirls heat throughout the roaster, which is perfect available to bakes, cooks, steams, slow cooks, warms and serves foods. All the area inside is removable and washable which enables a easy way to clean. Just like another type of Nesco, this is also portable and more suitable for slow cook.



Buffet serve purchase is available

Adjustable temperature and evenly cook

Easy to clean and affordable price


Glasses are not acceptable

Touched outer surfaces might get be burnt

Part 2. Electric roaster buying considerations

Even if we`ve told you the main details of the 5 top choices, you still need to be more knowledge about the electric roaster oven, which will be a guide when you are looking for.

Size of roaster and pan. This consideration is about to the capacity of food your roaster can accommodate at one time, whose outer size is related to the space of your kitchen and counter. The pan size generally ranges from 18-lb and 30-lb turkey, the 18 quarts one is enough for preparing large quantities of food without being unmanageable in size and weight. Electric roster with 9-12lbs serves 6-8 adults, a 26lbs one can serve up to 17 adults.

Temperature selections. Most of electric roaster`s temperature can be selected between 150 degrees and 450 degrees. If you want a slow roast or keep warm, remember to choose one with 150 degree that won`t dry out your roaster. 

Cook well material. A good electric roaster should come with removable enamel material on steel that enables perfect distribution and retention of heat. Many cook well are dishwater safe, and easy to clean, the enamel materials can be clean without water. 

The lid. An electric roaster with high dome lid is helpful to whole roast for large and tall food. The choices in our list like Nesco comes with a high dome lid, and Oster is available for high lid through purchasing except the one of 22 quarts.  

Multiple functions. Except for the basic functions like baking, roasting and cooking, other additional functions such as smoking, keeping warm or browning are trendier in our daily life. For different occasions, alternative different sizes of pans or shapes which are purchasable if you need. In another point, having a (purchasable ) buffet serve is more effective for various needing like taco bars, side dishes, au jus and gravy, breakfast buffets, party appetizers.

Part 3. Electric roaster recipes

After getting the best electric roster, you probably can`t wait to do something delicious. Here we will give you several recipes that can be finished by roasters, including turkey and ham.

First of all, here is a chart of roasting time based on turkey`s weight, which can be a referrer in common situation. Moreover, for breast roasting, the temperature should be at 170°F, thigh should be at 180°F.

turkey roasting time.png

Electric roaster for juicy turkey for 12-14 adults

1.Pre-heat electric roaster with the highest setting without the insert pan for 20 minutes

2.Never wash turkey, leave turkey`s cavity empty except sprinkling salt, or alternatively toss with few fruits or spice you like. 

3.Continue to add a quater cup of olive oil or butter, then 1 teaspoon seasoning salt and poultry seasoning. Done with half of a teaspoon pepper

4.Keep the pan dry and the rack up, put turkey on top of rack. Start the electric roaster at the highest setting for 1.5 hour, then switch temperature to 325 when 30 minutes passes. Never lift lid during the process. Pay attention to the temperature every half an hour to avoid drying out.

5.Remove out of the electric roaster and done by tenting with foil and resting for 20 minutes. 

6.For partially roast,180 degrees for thigh,165 degrees for breast and stuffing.

Electric roaster for ham for 12 adults

1.Turn on your electric roaster oven to 325 degrees for 5 minutes.

2.Take a 1/2 cup of liquid like water or soup on the bottom of the electric roaster, seasoning the ham with salt or spice you like then put the ham on the oven rack.

3.Cover domed lid and cook until the ham is hot, which needs around 3 hours. A smoked ham should be cooked to 160 degrees and a fully cooked ham at 140 degrees.


Electric roaster does relief the stress and kitchen time. If you want to have a perfect meal, electric roaster oven and waiting time are all you need to do. This article can be your guide for buying and using the electric roaster. Moreover, spice is helpful for perfect taste, getting a spice grinder will make it easier. If you have more cooking tips, we will be appreciated you to leave us a message!

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