How to Make Baby Bottle Sparkling Clean by Using Baby Bottle Brush

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Part 1 Baby Bottle Cleaning
Part 2 Baby bottle Sterilizing
Part 3 Top 5 Baby Bottle Brush for Every Mom and Dad

As we all know, infants and babies are very vulnerable to infection and sickness. So parents should pay attention to baby care, especially baby feeding. Whether you are using a disposable baby bottle or reusable baby bottle, you are supposed to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the baby bottle.

To have a squeaky clean baby bottle for baby feeding, you need to prepare a right cleaning brush set and safe soap. Besides, a proper cleaning method will help you do the cleaning job more easily.

Generally speaking, there are two main steps in baby bottle cleaning. They are bottle washing and sterilizing. How to do these two things right? Maybe you can refer to the following information which shows you how to cleanse a bottle with a baby bottle brush and how to disinfect the bottle.  


Part 1. Baby Bottle Cleaning


For easier cleaning, you had better directly rinse your baby bottle in the sink after you finish feeding. After doing this, you can wash the bottle thoroughly later. By the way, it will be better if you put a bottle cleaning brush on a counter before washing. Now you can follow the below steps to do your cleaning.


baby bottle brush cleaning

Step 1. Disassemble the Baby Bottle

A baby bottle contains different parts like cup, lids, teats and straw. You ought to take them apart so that each part can be completely immersed in soapy water and washed with different types of baby bottle brush.

Step 2. Soap the Bottle

After disassembly, you can immerse all parts in warm soapy water. That will help you wash the baby bottle more effectively as well as avoid milk residue or dirt accumulating in the baby bottle.  

Step 3. Clean with a Cleaning Brush Set  

Different part of baby bottle requires different cleaning tool. Fortunately, you can easily find some professional brush kit online and receive various brushes after purchasing. As long as you have a cleaning tool set on hands, you can handle all the washing jobs with less effort. Here are how to brush your baby bottle separately.


1. Use a baby bottle brush to scrub the inside of the bottle

2. Wash the treat part with a nipple brush

3. Grab a straw brush to clean the straw and lid


Step 4. Rinse the Baby Bottle

Once all parts of the bottle are cleaned, you are required to rinse them with clean and fresh water. Then you can go forward to disinfect your baby bottle.

 rinse baby bottles

Part 2. Baby bottle Sterilizing


You can remove all the formula or milk left in baby bottles by doing the above steps. However, it is not a 100% insurance measure of making the feeding bottle germ-free. 

baby bottle sterilizing

You should sterilize your baby bottle to kill bacteria. Just hang your baby bottle brush on a rack and pick out a sterilizing way as per your preference. Below are some methods that you may need.


1. Boil the bottle by raising the temperature

2. Put all the separate part of the bottle to a sterilizer

3. Microwave every part of the baby bottle for a few minutes.

4. Disinfect all the separate part of the bottle in a steamer.

Note: Your bottle cleaning brush should be sterilized as well. You can apply one of the above methods to do sterilizing, except the first method. By the way, You have to replace your baby bottle brush at regular intervals as well as choose the right brush for the cleaning job.


At the rest of this article, I would like to share 5 kinds of baby bottle brush with you. Those brushes have been tested before so there will be more detailed info of them shown below.  


Part 3. Top 5 Baby Bottle Brush for Every Mom and Dad


NO.1. cFone Premium 4 in 1 Baby Bottle Brush Kit


This kit includes bottle brushes, pacifier cleaners and straw brushes. Those brushes are capable to cover all the aspects of bottle washing. You can utilize bottle brush which has long handle to reach the bottom of the bottle and to rotate your wrist for 360 ° cleaning.

The baby bottle brush is perfect for cleaning bottom corners, angled edges, nooks and crannies. Icfone baby bottle brusht has great compatibility. In other words, you can use this baby bottle brush to cleanse all major brands baby bottles, treats, cups, travel mugs and water bottles.



Safe and eco-friendly

Non-slip handle design

Replaceable sponge cap

Detachable handle

Easy to hang on

BPA free, Phthalate free and Lead-Free



The sponge might fall apart if you push the baby bottle brush too hard.





NO.2. Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush, Pink


The brush has a suction cup base, which makes it easily stay upright on the countertop after scrubbing. Munchkin Bristle Bottle Brush, PinkThere is a nipple brush inside the handle of this bottle cleaning brush. The nipple brush helps you wash valves and pump part. Moreover, its flexible neck design makes this brush easily get into bottles.



Give firm grip to wet hand

Reduce splash-back

Durable and soft nylon bristles



The inside nipple brush might easily mildew.



NO.3. Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Blue


This is a professional baby bottle brush for wide-neck Dr. Brown's Natural Flow baby bottles. It has a Dr. Brown's Bottle Brush, Bluecombination sponge and bristle brush head and grooved handle. You can simply clean Dr. Brown bottle with this brush.



No slip handle

Storage clip to house the brush near the sink



Narrow range of bottle washing

The sponge head breaks up easily

NO.4. OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner, Green


The brush features on soft bristles for gently cleaning. There is a silicone nipple brush inside of the brush handle. You can use the nipple brush to reach inside bottle nipples or breast pump parts.

 OXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner, Green


Dishwasher safe

Flexible neck for easy reach inside bottles

Hanging hole design for air drying



The hidden nipple brush may quickly get mildew.



NO.5. StarPack Premium Bottle Brush Set of 4


This baby bottle brush set includes long water bottle brush, beer bottle brush, baby bottle brush, straw cleaning brush and detail cleaning brush. With this 4 piece cleaning brush set, you can wash those hard-to-reach items such as inside tea kettles and coffee jugs with less effort!


Pros: StarPack Premium Bottle Brush Set of 4

Includes both soft and stiff bristle brushes

Comfortable-grip handles



The stiff bristles might cause scratches on the cleansed bottles.


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