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Kik is a porpular social chatting media among most of people around the world, both of the iPhone, Android smart phone users can use kik to have a chat. However, most of kik users prefer their friends to remember their kik names in some way instead of changing their name into the real one. So how can you get an cool, cute or funny kik names to make a deep impression on your friends? Here I will tell you several ideas for the best cute kik names.

get cool kik names

1. Appamatix good Kik Names

It is maybe the largest database of names yet, which can provides kik users a list of thounsands of funny kik usernames to refer to and decide their kid names. You can look through most to get the one special enough you like, or you can choose several different funny and cool kik names, then combine parts of them together into a new kik name.


2. Nickname Generator

If they don`t want to think about a cute kik name or cool kik name by yourself, you can still get a good special kik names by using this Nickname Generator. All you need to do is to answer 15 questions, such as choose something you like and write down something impressive, when you finished these 15 questions, you will get a kik names that generated by these tool.



You can select on from the 101 sets of random kik names. However, you will find it too slow to wait for the generator after you decide to start the generation. If you are not patient enough, you will get common kik names instead of the cool or cute kik names.


find cool kik names as username

4. SpinXO

This is similar to the Nickname generator. You can also choose this one to get a kik name without any consideration by yourself. All you need to do is to answer the question it ask you, when you finish answering about 2 questions, SpinXo will show you a list of cute kik names randomly according to the answer you gave, then you can select a cute kik name from the list.


5. Killermovies light up funny kik name Ideas

If you want others to remember you easily, you just need to something ridiculous or funny to make then laugh every time, for example setting a funny kik names, the point is referring to the killermovies. Killermovies focus on the type of clientele. Remember to come here when you are want to make others laugh every time they see you on Kik.


6. Kik Login Online

It will provide you 40 cute Kik names to select. In addition, it will also show you the cool trick.  before you scoff at the low number. Yes, you can combine those words again to make a totally special cool impressive kik name.


7. Jimpix

If you want something inspirable, Jimpix could be your choice. It has different Kik usernames storage in different categories, kik users can choose anyone of categories to choose the inspirable one or follow the customize tips to get a unique kik name.


After you have decided your cool kik name, you need to protect your Kik messages well. Take cFone iPhone data transfer to make a iPhone kik message back up is a smart choice.

1.Download, install and lauch cFone iPhone Data Transfer to your Windows or Mac;


2. Connect your iPhone with a cable to the PC, choose “Content to Computer" (Content to Mac).

3. Select file target Kik files you want to backup, for example the videos, photos.

4. Tap on the Arrow button to transfer your target Kik files iPhone to the computer.

5."Transfer Completed" shows up, it means the transfer is completed and you can select any files to view on the PC.

Wish you have good time with your funny, cute cool enough kik name without losing any Kik messages!

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Author:Livia  |  TIME:October 13,2017

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